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Ep 14e: Ain’t It Funny (Duchamp’s Fountain)

How does the humor in Duchamp's Fountain make it more challenging for the viewer? Find out!


 2018-06-25  20m

Ep 14d: Ready Made (Duchamp’s Fountain)

What good's a readymade? Find out!


 2018-05-29  30m

Ep 14c: What They Do (Duchamp’s Fountain)

How did Duchamp inspire later artists to explore the nature of art-making, artistic spaces, and authorship? Find out!

To skip straight to Duchamp go to: 13:14


 2018-05-06  30m

Ep 14b: The Choice is Yours (Duchamp’s Fountain)

What makes Duchamp's Fountain the most influential artwork of the 20th century? Find out!


 2018-04-15  26m

Ep 14a: Eff a War (Duchamp’s Fountain + Dada)

How can understanding Dada help us understand the most important artwork of the 20th c? Find out!


 2018-03-19  24m

Ep 13: Strictly Business (Dutch Still Lifes)

What can still lifes tell us about commerce and social capital during the Dutch Golden Age? Find out!


 2018-02-04  40m

Ep 12: Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find (James Hampton’s Throne)

What is The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly and why was it found in an abandoned garage in Washington, DC? Find out!


 2018-01-08  19m

Ep 11: Ladies First (Linda Nochlin)

RIP Linda Nochlin, art history royalty


 2017-12-24  19m

Ep 10e: Views (Mona Lisa & Landscape)

What's so unique about the landscape in the Mona Lisa? Find out!


 2017-12-09  23m

Ep 10d: Famous

What happened in the 20th c. to catapult the Mona Lisa to fame? Find out!


 2017-11-27  21m