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Musical World Tour: The Campus Project

Making music together across cultural boundaries: that’s the idea behind the youth exchange project Campus. On its 20th anniversary, young musicians from all over Europe are invited to participate in the Beethovenfest in Bonn.



Power - Up close and personal

Her photos of Angela Merkel are iconic. French photographer Laurence Chaperon has been portraying celebrities from politics and society for decades, looking behind the scenes of power - and combining aesthetics with political messages.


 2021-09-18  3m

Berlin's 'Tanz im August' festival

The thematic spectrum of 'Tanz im August' ranges from shamanic rituals to the African diaspora to anti-consumerism. The festival takes place in Berlin for the 33rd time — in some unusual places, with surprising performances and over 100 artists.


 2021-08-21  6m

West-Eastern harmony

Arab and Israeli musicians have been playing together harmoniously in this orchestra since 1999, although their home countries are embroiled in a seemingly endless conflict: The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra as a guest at the Rheingau Music Festival.


 2021-08-21  4m

2021 Pritzker Prize: Big comfort on a small budget

Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal don’t tear things down. They restore buildings sustainably with surprisingly modest means, while meeting the needs of residents. Their socially and ecologically conscious work won them the 2021 Pritzer Prize.


 2021-06-26  3m

Trauma and patriotism

With Vietnam, war entered the living room via our televisions for the first time. The images ranged from real footage to propaganda. Films like "Coming Home" or "Born on the Fourth of July" depict the war's fallen heroes and traumatized veterans.


 2021-06-05  3m

The depiction of women in war films

Women are typically cast to play widows, mothers, wives, and nurses in this male-dominated film genre. But there are examples of other roles, and more women may soon be 'taking up arms' for Hollywood.


 2021-06-05  6m

A master builder with a mission

Award-winning German architect Anna Heringer’s vision is to improve the world with architecture. She uses natural construction materials and is causing a worldwide sensation with her earthen buildings.


 2021-03-27  4m

Berlin: Back to the Diaspora

Berlin's colorful, diverse, queer culture attracts many people of Jewish faith — especially from Israel. They often belong to the third generation of Holocaust survivors. How do they deal with trauma?


 2021-02-20  7m

Embracing diversity and novelty

A rabbi who defies clichés and a film that shakes things up. The new Jewish generation in Germany is quick-witted and self-confident. They're putting an end to a culture of remembrance that fails to embrace the present.


 2021-02-20  3m