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Art on the road

The Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art is an art space on wheels. The decommissioned school bus journeyed through West African countries, arriving in Dakar for the launch of the DAK'ART festival.


 2018-07-28  5m

Living in a Dying City?

Venice, one of the world's most beautiful cities, is teetering on the brink of collapse. It's become a second home to architect and professor Jana Revedin. She talks about what life is really like behind the facades the tourists see.


 2018-06-03  3m

Beethovenfest goes Mumbai

India is the partner country of the 2018's Beethovenfest in Bonn. A joint Indian-German music piece will be created for the event. To get things started, German percussionists met their Indian counterparts in Mumbai.


 2018-05-05  6m

How relevant is Karl Marx?

For now, London is still Europe’s financial capital. Karl Marx lived out his last decades in the city, and wrote his famous work 'Das Kapital' there. What would he have said about today’s investment banks, gender pay gaps and artificial intelligence?


 2018-04-29  5m

Interview: Film Curator Andreas Struck

The 68th Berlin Film Festival showcased nearly 400 motion pictures. But who selected them and what were the criteria? Andreas Struck knows. He compiled the program for the Panorama section.


 2018-02-25  4m

Connecting Hamburg and Tehran

German architects are enjoying growing popularity in Iran. Renowned German architecture firms share their know-how and learn about traditional Iranian architecture. Building bridges between cultures.


 2018-02-03  9m

Fact Check: Architecture

Bauhaus is one of Germany's most successful cultural exports. But these days, 22 of the world's leading architecture offices are American, 17 British - and only three German.


 2017-12-09  5m

Interview with auctioneer Stefan Koerner

A lot of art may be produced in Germany - but the money is made in New York and London. Stefan Körner from the world-renowned Grisebach auction house explains.


 2017-12-09  2m

India's world literature

Since the early 1990s, Kolkata-based Seagull Books have been publishing ambitious literature in the English language. Publisher Naveen Kishore scours the globe to find his authors, including in Germany. For that, he was awarded the prestigious Goethe Medal.


 2017-10-14  4m

Distinguished Austrian author Robert Menasse

Robert Menasse puts the EU bureaucracy under the spotlight in his new novel, set in the heart of the European Union: Brussels. His efforts have earned him the German Book Prize. An in depth interview.


 2017-10-14  3m