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October 31: Results without resolution

Brazil Election: Pollster, Seoul Crowd Deaths, Lake Superior Wreck, French Fake Jobs, Record Pumpkins, Eel CT Scan and more.



October 28: Serve and deflect

Emergencies Act: Police Chief, Jerry Lee Lewis Obit, Musk Twitter, World Cup Boycott, Giant Sunfish, Reading/Postcards and more.


 2022-10-28  51m

October 27: Allies in arms

Haiti Mission: Liberal, Eddie Izzard, Message in a Bottle, Syria Canadians: Kids, Kangaroo Attack Survivor, Fishing Scandal and more.


 2022-10-27  50m

October 26: Raising the bar

Gymnastics Letter, Singh: Interest Rates, 8-Year-Old Yosemite, Syria Canadians, AZ Homeless Food Arrest, Iowa Mountain Lion and more.


 2022-10-26  50m

October 25: Out with the old, out with the new

Rishi Sunak: Labour, BC ER Violence, Escobar Hippos, David Rush 250 Records, Kanye Adidas, Floppy Disk Recycling and more.


 2022-10-25  51m

October 24: Follow the latest leader

Rishi Sunak, Black Loyalist Graves, AB Health Services, Bono Memoir, CMAJ Anti-Black Racism, Ontario Healing Lodge and more.


 2022-10-24  51m

October 21: Power play

Ukraine Energy Deputy Minister, Port Aux Basques Folo, Avogeddon, Decommissioned Public Toilet, Texas Fingerprints Kids, Comedy Wildlife Photo and more.


 2022-10-21  49m

October 20: Truss fall

Truss Resigns, Plague DNA Study, Volcano Drone Researcher, BC Leadership, Liz Truss: Count Binface, Anna May Wong and more.


 2022-10-20  1h1m

October 19: Plea de coeur

American in Saudi Arabia, No Makeup Miss England, Hand of God Ball, Scottish Race Error, CA Inflation Numbers, Van Gogh Climate Activist and more.


 2022-10-19  50m

October 18: In the community, by the community

James Smith: FN Police, Kherson Conductor Killed, Polite Chai Shop, BBC 100th Anniversary, BC Water Emergency, Quebec Youth Protection and more.


 2022-10-18  51m