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January 24: A foregone conclusion

Montreal Mafia Hit, Your Ward News Verdict, Lost Words Class, Venezuela Protestor, Salisbury Game, Jackie Shane Grammy and more



January 23: Address for successor

Venezuela Protests, Gender Neutral French, "As It Flappens" Creators, China: McCallum Reaction, Troll Museum, CMAJ Palliative Care Doctor, Egret Painting and more



January 22: Veg issue

Canada Food Guide, China Latest, Kingston Mystery Plane, B.C. Speaker: Case, Aberdeenshire Stone Monument Replica, Mexico Pipeline Explosion and more



January 21: In the cold, and in the dark

Montreal Hypothermia Death, Zimbabwe Crackdown, Right to be Forgotten, Labrador Passenger, and more.


 2019-01-21  49m

January 18: Misleader of the free world

Trump Cohen Lies, Taxi Debit Scam, Supermac's vs. McDonald's, Detained Canadians, Bio Hazard Zamboni Ice, Matthew Hedges and more


 2019-01-18  58m

January 17: Complete devastation

Burkina Faso Murder, Upskirting Law, Ultramarathoner, Carjacker Xmas Card, Mary Oliver Obit, Manitoba Pilot and more.


 2019-01-17  47m

January 16: All work and no pay

U.S. Shutdown Worker, Netflix Lac Megantic, Maine Ice Disc, Syria: ISIS Attack, "Stop Brexit" Guy, Font Detective and more


 2019-01-16  50m

January 15: Strictly confidential

Brexit Vote, Saudi National Flees, Welsh Steep Hill, Silicon Valley Cats, ICC Acquittal, Stem Cell Match, Carol Channing Obit and more


 2019-01-15  47m

January 14: Full court press

Trump Russia Investigation, Brexiteer, Train Delay Scarf, Schellenberg Death Sentence, Disney Books, Self Blood Sausage and more


 2019-01-14  48m

January 11: Smug advisory

Rahaf: Ex-Ambassador, Border Sheriff, Doping Cyclist, Reuters Journalists, Easter Island Study, Rapper Killed, Encore: Ellen Gabriel and more


 2019-01-11  1h18m