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Friday, December 16, 2016 - The only thing he can do tonight is cry. An activist and teacher in eastern Aleppo describes the desperation as evacuation buses that were supposed to take his family to safety simply fail to show up.

Also, BC's government offers first-time home buyers no-interest loans, but the opposition NDP says the governing Liberals are trying to buy the next election by tempting British Columbians further into debt.


 December 16, 2016  47m


On this week's podcast extra, we revisit a salty interview from 2014 with a bartender in Bushwick boycotting SantaCon.


 December 16, 2016  6m

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 'Twasn't right before Christmas. The story of a child dying in the arms of a professional Santa went around the world faster than the bearded man himself -- but some unwrapping shows it may not be what we thought it was.

Also, a Democrat will be the governor of North Carolina, after a hard-fought election -- but state Republicans are doing everything they can to make sure the winner loses.


 December 15, 2016  47m

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - Nowhere fast. In less than twelve hours, the ceasefire in eastern Aleppo collapsed -- and now the fifty thousand residents still in the besieged city are anxiously waiting to hear if they can get out alive.

Also, Ottawa unveils its new strategy on opioids -- but senator and former police chief Vern White says it doesn't do enough for addicts -- or against the people exporting the stuff from China.


 December 14, 2016  48m

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - Assad's win is everyone else's loss. There's a ceasefire in Aleppo after the regime finally takes control of the city -- and the UN's Special Adviser for Syria, Jan Egeland, tells us what this means for civilians.

Also, breaking news -- or, at least, twisting it hard. There's a new study on whether young people can distinguish between fake news and facts -- and it suggests that their critical thinking is in critical condition.


 December 13, 2016  47m

Monday, December 12, 2016 - The price of emissions. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she won't let the doubts of a premier here -- or a president-elect there -- keep her government from putting its climate change agreement into action.

Also, the toughest customers. With increasing frequency, a BC funeral director is arranging services for families whose loved ones have died of fentanyl overdoses -- and he's doing what he can to reduce his clientele.


 December 12, 2016  48m

Friday, December 9, 2016 - Rockets and a hard place. A teacher in Aleppo is living under constant bomb and artillery attacks -- but he tells us it's still safer than to leave the city, and put himself in the hands of the Syrian regime.

Also, a semi-hostile climate on making the climate less hostile. As the premiers meet the PM, almost all the provinces are on board with a carbon tax -- but there's a cold wind blowing in from the West.


 December 9, 2016  47m

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - For staying in one spot, she's going on the ten-spot. Seventy years ago, Viola Desmond refused to leave the whites-only part of a Nova Scotia cinema. Now she'll be the first Canadian woman to appear on the front of a banknote.

Also, it's called the Berkley Pit -- but to birds, it's "Never, Never Land". Thousands of snow geese are dead after choosing the wrong place to touch down: a toxic lake at a former Montana mine.


 December 8, 2016  46m

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - Take this job claim and shove it. Donald Trump has been very vocal about the number of jobs he saved at an Indiana plant -- but our guest says the president-elect should save his breath.

Also, did she blow it by not coughing up? A former Liberal volunteer and entrepreneur turned down a ticket to an expensive Liberal fundraiser -- and now wonders if paying to play would have gotten her work.


 December 7, 2016  58m

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - Standing up against the watered down. More than a thousand cancer patients were given diluted chemotherapy -- and now, some of them say a settlement for their suffering is too weak as well.

Also, she was a devoted doctor committed to health care for those who didn't have access to it. Now, Elana Fric-Shamji is dead, her husband has been charged with murder, and Toronto's medical community is in shock.


 December 6, 2016  48m