ASA Biopharm's Podcast

In this podcast series sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section of American Statistical Association, key opinion leaders from pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies talk about upcoming statistical conferences and events, and discuss current issues in Biopharmaceutical statistics.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 44m. Bisher sind 81 Folge(n) erschienen.

Episode 80: 2020 Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop

Yabing Mai and Thomas Birkner discuss the 2020 Workshop and the changes necessary to go virtual.



Episode 79: Nusrat Rabbee

Nusrat discusses biomarker analysis throughout clinical development and her recent book Biomarker Analysis in Clinical Trials with R.


 2020-07-31  1h7m

Episode 78: Challenges with Pain Assessments

Dottie Brown, Ciprian Crainiceanu, and Jean Recta discuss how pain is quantified in human and animal trials.


 2020-06-30  54m

Episode 77: National Institute of Statistical Sciences

Nancy Flournoy, Dan Holder, and Jim Rosenberger discuss the mission and history of the National Institute of Statistical Sciences and how it will adapt for the future.


 2020-05-29  54m

Episode 76: COVID-19 and Clinical Trials

Mouna Akacha, Yongming Qu, and Aileen Ward discuss COVID-19 and the operational and statistical effects on clinical trials.


 2020-04-15  46m

Episode 75: Meijuan Li

Meijuan Li discusses precision medicine, diagnostic devices, and the importance of parallel development of drugs and diagnostics. 


 2020-03-31  52m

Episode 74: Glen Colopy and the Pod of Asclepius

Glen discusses his graduate training in data science in the United Kingdom, vital sign monitoring, the challenges of efficient drug supply, and his healthcare technology podcast, the Pod of Asclepius. 


 2020-02-28  47m

Episode 73: Bruce Binkowitz

Bruce discusses the Japanese regulatory environment, challenges for statistics departments spread across the globe, and his hopes and plans for the Biopharmaceutical Section in 2020.


 2020-02-03  44m

Episode 72: Abie Ekangaki

Abie discusses opportunities for statisticians in the CRO industry, and we chat about the Scholarship and Leadership-in-Practice Committees of the Biopharmaceutical Section.


 2019-12-31  56m

Episode 71: P-values in Medical Product Development

Lisa LaVange, J. Jack Lee, and Steve Ruberg about the ASA Statement on p-values, and their recent paper entitled “Inference and Decision Making for 21st-Century Drug Development and Approval” which was featured in the American Statistician in early 2019. 


 2019-12-02  59m