Asians Represent!

Asians Represent! Is here to celebrate and examine Asian representation in tabletop games and pop culture. We do this by creating conversation, introducing new perspectives to the broader gaming community, and creating spaces for new voices in the industry.

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episode 34: Episode 34: Fantasy nationalism and honor in Shou Lung | Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 8)

The Asians Read crew tackle the Shou Lung culture section of the Kara-Tur campaign setting; exploring the problems of creating fantasy nationalism and the over-reliance on honour tropes!


 2021-05-05  1h53m

episode 33: Bad translations: How we'd fix the provinces of Kara-Tur | Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 7)

The Asians Read crew finished analyzing the "Provinces of Shou Lung" and provided insight into how they'd fix them! As usual, hilarity ensues.


 2021-05-01  1h49m

episode 11: Dungeons & Da Asians #11 - The Price of Power

Following their battle with the Dragon Valley Gang, our heroes prepare for their journey into the Shimmering Badlands!


 2021-04-28  2h21m

episode 31: Episode 32: Magic the Gathering, Strixhaven, Stereotypes, and the Model Minority Myth

The Wrap Up crew examine how the upcoming Strixhaven Magic the Gathering​ set has relied on Asian stereotypes in its storytelling.


 2021-04-05  2h5m

episode 6: Episode 31: D&D Noir: Something's Fishy in Wa K'an | Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 6)

The Asians Read crew discovered that there's a made up "Chinese" written language for the Shou Lung region of the Kara-Tur campaign setting. Things go south from there.


 2021-04-03  1h51m

episode 30: Episode 30: Reflecting on Legend of the Five Rings

The Asians Read: L5R crew finally got to do their recap of the series. What did we like about L5R? What would we completely remove from the game? What would we fix?


 2021-03-28  1h39m

episode 29: Episode 29: Decolonizing Cyberpunk

Jamila R. Nedjadi (Jammi) joined Agatha to discuss how we can find hope, build community, and moving forward together through Asian cyberpunk.


 2021-03-19  58m

episode 28: Episode 28: How should religion be portrayed in D&D?

Religion plays an important role in the lives of people around the world. Religion plays varying and dynamic roles in the decisions we make in life. And there also those who might be religiously unaffiliated. On this episode of The Wrap Up we examined the uses of religion in TTRPGs like D&D, how they can guide our stories, and more!


 2021-02-28  1h47m

episode 27: Episode 27: When historical "inspiration" goes too far | Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 5)

What happens when "historical inspiration" goes too far in TTRPG campaign setting writing? On the latest episode of our Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms read-through, the crew dove into the "Forbidden City" of Shou Lung.


 2021-02-12  2h1m

episode 4: Episode 25: Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 4)

Daniel, Makenzie, Emma, Jacky, and Michelle continue their epic quest to read through the AD&D Kara-Tur campaign setting and provide their critical insight! This time, the Government of Shou Lung!


 2021-01-29  1h55m