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The Ask Noah Show is a weekly radio call in show where we take your tech questions or business in tech questions live on the air. The show airs Tuesdays at 6pm CST on and at KEQQ 88.3 FM in Grand Forks ND. It's a free call 1-855-450-NOAH so join us and start on your way to owning your operating system, your software, and technology.

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Episode 250: When E2EE is Moderated

Facebook and WhatsApp users offered "end-to-end encryption" which most users interpret to mean that the parent companies couldn't view the content of the messages, it turns out there's a catch! Ventoy gets a UI, and CentOS clones are getting technical support!



Episode 249: Pine64 with Lukasz Erecinski

Lukasz Erecinski joins us this hour to discuss Pine64 and their lineup of open source hardware for geeks!



Episode 248: Migrating a Network and a NAS

Patrick Emerson, director of IT from New Springs Church joins us to talk about their migration from their proprietary walled garden network and storage, to free and open source options, plus your feedback, our picks!



Episode 247: 30 Years of Linux!

LibreOffice 7.2 is out, Gnome 41 Beta has been released, we talk streaming infrastructure, a must have networking tool for structured wiring, plus your questions, our picks!



Episode 246: Open Source Polish

This week there are fantastic FOSS software releases, Element, PineNote, and an open source time keeping device that fits on a PCI card, the company behind the development will blow your mind!


 2021-08-18  56m

Episode 245: Apple Thinks Different About Encryption

Apple has announced a new update that will allow scanning of your private photos. Firefox 91 is released, and the new US infrastructure bill means you might be paying per mile to drive an EV.


 2021-08-11  56m

Episode 244: Starting Fresh: Part 2

Steve Ovens returns to lay out his plans for his new house as well as ask the community for input on best practices. Standford AIMI center is expanding it's free repository of medical datasets for AI research, and Steam hits 1% Linux users again!


 2021-08-04  1h5m

Episode 243: Starting Fresh: Part 1

Steve Ovens joins us as we discuss the steam deck, Matrix getting 30 million in funding to polish the rough edges, and with Steve moving into a new house we talk about starting fresh!


 2021-07-28  56m

Episode 242: Selling Spyware

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is warning of world in which no phone is safe from state-sponsored hackers. A new version of Plasma Mobile is out, and Valve has released a portable gaming device, running Arch with KDE!


 2021-07-21  56m

Episode 241: Gmail Alternatives

We've received a ton of email asking how to get off Gsuite, and what alternative providers are out there. This week we dig in and go through the top alternatives to Gsuite.


 2021-07-14  56m