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The Ask Noah Show is a weekly radio call in show where we take your tech questions or business in tech questions live on the air. The show airs Tuesdays at 6pm CST on and at KEQQ 88.3 FM in Grand Forks ND. It's a free call 1-855-450-NOAH so join us and start on your way to owning your operating system, your software, and technology.

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Episode 215: Self-Hosting Your Platform

Self-hosting has always been a good idea but when your platform doesn't want to serve you, we have some self-hosted options that will. A Reddit user has Linux booting on an iPhone 7, a man was quoted $50K to run fiber to his house, so he built his own fiber ISP!



Episode 214: New Year New Releases

We're kicking off 2021 with a bang! The KDE team has announced a new focus on Wayland and fingerprint readers. Cawbird 1.3 a native twitter client for Linux has a new release with improved video uploading and replies, and Matrix will power FOSDEM this year!



Episode 213: Rocky Linux with Greg Kurtzer

Greg Kurtzer executive director of Rocky Linux a bug for bug RedHat distribution joins us this hour to tell the story of CentOS and what his vision for Rocky Linux is!



Episode 212: Software for the Holidays

Gnome 40 has a major redesign, a new version of Kdenlive is out adding some much desired pro features, Matrix has some exciting announcments and we discuss the Solar Winds backdoor and give you some alternatives. If this is the time of the year you want to tinker with new projects we have a few in store!



Episode 211: GeekLab Gift Guide

RedHat may have replaced CentOS Linux with CentOS stream but Gregory Kurtzer has launched his own replacement based as CentOS was on the RHEL source code. We help you pick out tech gifts for that geek in your life!


 2020-12-16  56m

Episode 210: CentOS Stream

CentOS is dead long live Centos Stream! CentOS Stream is a way of getting newer packages out to the community so developers have the latest and greatest, but this comes at the cost of the previous goals of CentOS. Does this increase the security of RedHat's free offering?


 2020-12-09  50m

Episode 209: Getting Started with The Pinephone

The Pinephone might be the best $200 you can spend on a project for yourself or with your family. Now it's easier than ever to flash new operating systems to the phone. OpenZFS 2.0 has been released, a new version of Wireguard has been released for Windows, and the KDE Edition of the Pinephone is now available.


 2020-12-02  56m

Episode 208: Pipewire on Fedora

A proposal has been put forward to use PipeWire by default in Fedora. Neal Gompa Fedora contributor joins us to discuss! A new release of KStarts 3.5.0., a decentralized alternative to Reddit enabled federation and Comcast rolls out a 1.2TB data caps to the rest of their subscribers as of next year.


 2020-11-25  56m

Episode 207: Defending Open Source

YouTube-DL is back on GitHub! GitHub has started a legal defense fund, and Plasma mobile has been released!


 2020-11-18  56m

Episode 206: Personal Backup Strategy

Certificates issued by Let's Encrypt will soon be signed solely by their own root certificate. It's problematic because of the lack of Android updates. Apple has released two ARM based Macs, there's a potential replacement for SCP and a stellar release of Gimp with support for Hi-DPI


 2020-11-11  56m