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The Ask Noah Show is a weekly radio call in show where we take your tech questions or business in tech questions live on the air. The show airs Tuesdays at 6pm CST on and at KEQQ 88.3 FM in Grand Forks ND. It's a free call 1-855-450-NOAH so join us and start on your way to owning your operating system, your software, and technology.

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Episode 227: Feedback Frenzy!

This episode is all about questions. Networking, home automation, problems booting, we have it all this week as we dig through the email inbox and take your phone calls!



Episode 226: Networking Basics with Steve Ovens | Ask Noah Show 226

Everyone uses a network to access the internet, but how well do you understand the network you use? In this episode Steve Ovens joins us to give a basic network overview as well as answer questions you sent in!



Episode 225: Fedora 34 Initial Impressions

Fedora 34 Beta is out with Gnome 40. This is a major rework of Gnome and the payoff was worth the wait!



Episode 224: Fighting for Human Rights with Tech

Apple has rejected important updates to the ProtonVPN iOS app. This decision compromises the ability of the people of Myanmar to preserve their human rights by submitting information to the UN. We discuss a FOSS IT inventory and asset system, and a Raspberry Pi based tablet!



Episode 223: Arrested over Encryption

A federal grand jury today returned an indictment against the Chief Executive Officer and an associate of the Canada-based firm Sky Global on charges that they knowingly and intentionally participated in a criminal enterprise that facilitated the transnational importation and distribution of narcotics through the sale and service of encrypted communications devices...


 2021-03-17  56m

Episode 222: Child Labor in Big Tech

Major tech companies are buying electronic components made from minerals mined by children, and forced labor. Ryan DasGeek joins the Ask Noah Show to discuss what's happening in the tech industry and how you can vote against it with your wallet.


 2021-03-10  56m

Episode 221: Blackbird Secure Desktop

The Blackbird Secure Desktop is a POEWR9 system, a fully open source modern POWER9 workstation without any proprietary code. Plasma mobile has a new update out, we talk bluetooth headsets, VoIP phone systems, and a one handed keyboard!


 2021-03-03  56m

Episode 220: Multi-Monitor in Gnome 40

The Gnome team is revamping multi-monitor support. Firefox 86 is released and features Total Cookie Protection to make cross site tracking more difficult increasing user privacy. Kodi 19 has landed with a lot of new features around metadata and a better music interface.


 2021-02-24  56m

Episode 219: Studying Gnome Users

The Gnome design team conducted a research project to better understand their users. The results were surprising! We'll give you an update about the Vero 4K, a FOSS app to track your GPS history.


 2021-02-17  56m

Episode 218: VR in the Metaverse

Have you ever dreamed of having a virtual enviorment that can simulate the real world in, have meetings in, and connect with others in. Firefox has new protections for supercookies, ubuntu has a new installer out, and CloudLinux has a beta out of AlmaLinux.


 2021-02-03  56m