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The Ask Noah Show is a weekly radio call in show where we take your tech questions or business in tech questions live on the air. The show airs Tuesdays at 6pm CST on and at KEQQ 88.3 FM in Grand Forks ND. It's a free call 1-855-450-NOAH so join us and start on your way to owning your operating system, your software, and technology.

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Episode 51: Linux Users Trust Him

This week we ask the question who can you trust in the linux media space? What kind of shows do you want to listen to, and what kind of talent do you look for when you listen to podcasts. We break it down for you, plus your calls in this weeks episode.


 2018-02-28  1h0m

Episode 50: Is Linux Right For This?

For 50 episodes Noah has been telling callers Linux is the right choice. This week we take a call where Linux might not be the best fit! We talk crypto with Rikai our editor & tell you about the android app that will change your life!


 2018-02-21  1h0m

Episode 49: Taking Tech Too Far?

This week on The Ask Noah Show we ask the question "how far is too far?". Some people are putting bluetooth speakers in their house, others are injecting bluetooth devices into their bodies. We break it down for you, plus your calls, all in this week’s episode!


 2018-02-14  1h0m

Episode 48: Should Ubuntu Use Plasma?

This week on The Ask Noah Show we take a hard look at KDE Plasma & ask the question, should Canonical be using Plasma by default on the upcoming 18.04 LTS?


 2018-02-07  1h0m

Episode 47: Apple Can't Build This

This week we're live from the Ubuntu Sprint in Seattle, Washington! We show you how you can get the most out of your home audio with Volumio - the open source media server & as always your calls go to the front of the line.


 2018-01-24  1h0m

Episode 46: Linus Torvalds Hates This Fix

This week on the show we give you the latest update on the Intel vulnerabilities, Noah sets the record straight on Linux media personalities that don't use Linux & as always your calls are the center of the show.


 2018-01-24  1h0m

Episode 45: Pushing the Limits of Linux

This week we see how far we can push Linux! Can you use Linux in a professional photo workflow? How about High Resolution Audio? We take your calls & interview industry audio expert Bob Carver.


 2018-01-17  1h0m

Episode 44: RedHat with Brandon Johnson

We pick up where we left off last Friday with our discussion about Spectre & Meltdown. Brandon Johnson from RedHat joins us to talk about this important topic & what he and his team at RedHat are doing to mitigate this disaster.


 2018-01-10  1h0m

Episode 43: Meltdown and Spectre

On this special edition of the Ask Noah Show we saw people looking for what they need to know about the latest Intel bugs, Meltdown & Spectre, so we break it down. Plus we take your calls, talk about your War Stories & what you've seen in the field!


 2018-01-06  1h0m

Episode 42: The end of Bitcoin

This week on the show, we talk about Alt Coins and how Bitcoin ceases to be a viable concurrency for day to day operations. We take your calls, plus we include the Mumble room!


 2018-01-03  1h0m