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Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

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We Become Like the Videos We Behold

For better or worse, we become what we behold. How should this truth affect our media consumption in the digital age?



What’s the Difference Between Sloth and Rest?

Both the sluggard and the diligent might take a nap on their day off. So, what distinguishes the laziness of the sluggard from the rest of the diligent?



God Never Runs Out

Everything in this world eventually runs out: money runs out, health runs out, pleasure runs out, time runs out. But God never runs out.



How Can I Make Daily Bible Reading Authentic?

How can we prevent Bible reading from becoming a lifeless routine? Pastor John offers three principles for authentic daily devotions.



How Can I Honor My Parents If I Don’t Respect Them?

God calls his people to show honor to everyone — but not for the same reasons, and not in the same ways.


 2021-08-23  12m

Does Christ Rule the Nations Now?

If Christ has all authority in heaven and on earth, does he rule over the nations now? Or is he waiting to exercise his rule until his second coming?


 2021-08-20  11m

You Don’t Know God If You Don’t Love Christ

If you want to know whether others love God, ask if they love the Jesus of Scripture. Love for Jesus is the litmus test of love for God.


 2021-08-18  13m

Is Death Past, Present, or Future?

According to Paul, Christians have died, will die, and die every day. What do these different deaths mean, and how else does Scripture speak of our dying?


 2021-08-16  11m

Six Dangers of Podcasts

Podcasts, including Christian podcasts, have great potential for both good and evil. Pastor John explains six dangers to beware of as you listen.


 2021-08-13  12m

Living the Mystery of Joy in Suffering

Christians are sorrowful, yet always rejoicing: sorrowful because of the ugliness and horrors of sin, and rejoicing because of the infinite worth of Jesus.


 2021-08-11  14m