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Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

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The Christian’s Great Vocation

In this sermon excerpt, Pastor John shares about the preciousness of Christ, and the Christian's great vocation.


 2016-02-17  n/a

Doesn’t the Bible Tell Christians to Put Homosexuals to Death?

Pastor John responds to Bible critics by explaining redemptive history in relation to homosexuality.


 2016-02-16  n/a

Should Christians Tolerate False Religious Beliefs?

Pastor John discusses old tolerance and new tolerance, and its effects today.


 2016-02-15  n/a

An Overview of the Whole Bible

In this episode, guest, Dr. Don Carson, provides a short overview of the Bible.


 2016-02-12  n/a

May I Split My Giving Between My Church and Another Ministry?

The local church has a unique and special place in God’s plan, and therefore a special claim on the giving of its people.


 2016-02-11  n/a

We Will Sing Bloody Songs Forever

In his Passion 2016 message, Pastor John preaches that the slaying of the the Lamb of God was planned before the universe existed.


 2016-02-10  n/a

Why Do Christians Worship Together on Sundays?

Pastor John tells why Christians should worship together on Sundays.


 2016-02-09  n/a

Why Do Christians Fast?

Pastor John explains why Christians fast even though it is not commanded by scripture.


 2016-02-08  n/a

Romantic Love Is a Wonderful Gift — and a Terrible God

Guest Paul Tripp discusses awe in God related to romantic love.


 2016-02-05  n/a

My Child’s Greatest Need

Guest Paul Tripp discusses the awe of God related to parenting.


 2016-02-04  n/a