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How Do I Battle Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome can make us feel like frauds in the workplace — like we are never good enough and always about to be exposed. How can we respond?


 2020-12-07  14m

Did Jesus Say We Are gods?

In John 10, Jesus quotes from Psalm 82, saying, “You are gods.” Does this mean human beings are gods, or is something else going on?


 2020-12-04  8m

What’s Keeping Me from Seeing Jesus?

By nature, we all want to be made much of. Until that craving for praise is laid to rest, we’ll never know the joy of making much of Jesus.


 2020-12-02  13m

Can I ‘Name It and Claim It’?

God can do far, far more than we can think to ask. But that doesn’t mean whatever we wish lines up with his sovereign plans to bring us good.


 2020-11-30  15m

 2020-11-24  24m

 2020-11-23  22m

Ten Effects of Seeing and Savoring the Providence of God

When we see and savor the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God, we cannot help but show the worth of his providence in all of life.


 2020-11-20  56m

Have You Seen the Providence of God?

Immersing ourselves in the ocean of God’s providence helps us to know him, fear him, trust him, and love him as we ought.


 2020-11-18  34m

God’s Providence in 2020

In January 2021, John Piper releases his newest book: a 750-page study of the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God.


 2020-11-16  16m

Does God Regret Making Me?

We know that God is committed to saving his people. But does he ever become so frustrated with us that he regrets having made us in the first place?


 2020-11-13  14m