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Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

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If All My Sins Are Forgiven, Why Pursue Holiness?

If Christ already paid for all our sins — past, present, and future — then why do we need to work so hard to put sin to death and grow in holiness?


 2021-08-09  11m

Is Sex During Menstruation Sinful?

The Old Testament prohibited a husband and wife from having sex during menstruation. Is that command still in force today?


 2021-08-06  16m

Controversy Is Essential — and Deadly

Controversy is essential — and deadly. Slowly, we can begin to care more about defending the truth than enjoying the truth.


 2021-08-04  9m

How Do We Pray in the Spirit?

What do Paul and Jude mean when they command Christians to pray “in the Spirit” — and what would it mean to pray “out of the Spirit”?


 2021-08-02  10m

If We Read Our Bibles, Why Do We Need Sermons?

The Bible is perfect; preachers are not. So, why listen to the sermons of fallible men when we can read God’s infallible word for ourselves?


 2021-07-30  12m

How to Argue Like a Calvinist

John Newton cherished the doctrines of grace. And he knew that the best way to commend them was with a spirit of graciousness.


 2021-07-28  12m

Doing Math to the Glory of God

Why learn math — especially if studying math feels agonizing? Pastor John addresses an 8-year-old boy struggling to persevere in school.


 2021-07-26  12m

Can I Marry a Woman Half My Age?

The Bible doesn’t say how old Christians should be when they marry — or how close in age. So, can a Christian marry someone significantly younger?


 2021-07-23  11m

The Strong Murder the Weak Every Day in America

Killing an unborn child is illegal if the mother wants the baby — but legal if she doesn’t. The rights of the weak rest in the hands of the strong.


 2021-07-21  9m

How Much Media Is Too Much Media?

In a media-saturated age, obedience to Jesus requires intentional detachment from the patterns of the world — especially its patterns of entertainment.


 2021-07-19  11m