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Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.

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episode 423: The Fragile Balance of Host and Co-Host in Podcasting

Today we start with a question about a podcast that went from two people to three people and didn't really set up expectations and how this awkward situation often comes up when the different players of a podcast don't discuss their roles in an open,...



episode 422: What is In and What is Out in 2023?

Today's episode riffs on the article by and  . We also touch on music, chat gpt, creativity on NYE, and potentially sharpening your pitch. JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free using the coupon code " ask"...



episode 421: Can a Brand New Podcaster Make $500 In Their First Month?

The chat room is on fire today with come great topics such as swapping hosts, bitcoin taxes, podcast events, and can a brand new podcaster make $500 in their first month.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free...


 2022-12-31  1h31m

episode 420: Does Podcasting Help You Handle Stress

It's Christmas Eve and Dave and Jim have their Santa hats on and are ready to follow up with with Dave's new . We also look at the question, "Does being a podcaster help you handle stress?  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of...


 2022-12-24  1h31m

episode 419: Dave bought a mac mini: moving your podcast to a new machine

Today's is a little more hardware-related (and Jim get's his nerd on BIG TIME) as Dave has bought a Mac Mini, and Jim has some great advice about moving to a new machine.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of Podcasting worry-free...


 2022-12-19  1h34m

episode 418: What Does Next Level Podcasting Mean?

When I browse different groups, websites, etc I see new podcasters who have been producing content for a while, and now they want to take things "to the next level." So we start the show today asking, "What does taking your podcast to the next level...


 2022-12-10  1h28m

episode 417: The New Crop of Podcasters

Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and media. In the past decade, the podcast industry has experienced tremendous growth. Consequently, those questions we answered over and over are back (what's the best microphone, can I play music,...


 2022-12-04  1h20m

episode 416: Black Friday Toys, Santa is Huge on TikTok

Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday is a shopping holiday that has taken over America. For many people, it's a time to score great deals on presents for the people in their lives. But for others, it's a stressful day of fighting crowds and...


 2022-11-27  1h32m

episode 415: How Much Information is Too Much Information For Your Podcast?

In our social media-obsessed world, it's hard to decide when sharing personal information is too much information. We think about if there are some guidelines to help you make that decision.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of...


 2022-11-20  1h13m

episode 414: Is It Possible to Get Your Podcast Groove Back?

Is doing your podcast sucking the life out of you? Is something missing in your chemistry? That is the theme of the podcast (amongst other things) on this veterans day. Dave kicks of the day with a PowerRant! JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the...


 2022-11-13  1h28m