Ask the Podcast Coach

Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.

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episode 462: The Power of Content: Strategies for Engaging Listeners and Increasing Podcast Retention

Someone asked "How do you boost retention percentage?" (you see this in ) so we talk about that today, as we also take a look at how Ask the Podcast Coach wrapped up in 2023.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the...



episode 461: The Streamdeck Ecamm Live Combo

In this episode of "Ask the Podcast Coach," Dave Jackson reveals a secret that has been giving him endless fun during podcast recordings. He recently acquired a , a powerful device that allows him to assign different functions to buttons, making his...



episode 460: The Podcast Clean-Up Guide: Content Strategy, Livestreams, and AI-Assisted Voice Cloning

You never know what you're going to get when we start a show with a live audience. We are rounding out the end of the year and start talking about cleaning up things for 2024, while eye-balling black Friday specials.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF...



episode 459: Spotify Adds Audio Books To Their Platform

Spotify has added audio books to their platform (great more competition for podcasts! Ugh).  We talk a little about merchandise and affiliate marketing. There is a new service that seems A LOT fishy, in Dave's opinion. The longer you podcast the...



episode 458: Building Relationships with Your Audience: The Long-Term Approach to Podcast Success

Jim has been meeting one-on-one with his audience and getting great feedback. We also talk about advertising (how many is too many?) based on a new report. Evernote raised their price, and we talk about making sure you understand the tools you...


 2023-10-28  1h33m

episode 457: YouTube Music and Podcasting: Is Google Going to Blow it Again?

In today's episode, we tackle a range of topics that are sure to intrigue and spark discussions. From the potential shortcomings of Google's foray into podcasting with YouTube Music, to Apple taking steps that may result in fewer downloads and why...


 2023-10-21  1h27m

episode 456: Podcast Legitimacy: It Depends

Today, we look at the topic of, "Does having an ad int your show make it more legitimate?" I hate this because there are very legitimate shows that NEVER want to monetize, and I can also see a new listener hearing and ad for Ford and thinking, Big...


 2023-10-14  1h34m

episode 455: Chat GPT for Podcasters Harnessing the Power of AI

I have seen Larry Roberts from Red Hat Media do presentations on Chat GPT multiple times, and when Jim let me know he was out this week, I saw it as an opportunity to bring Larry in have Larry Co-Host. He is also the co-host of the show . The "Cherry...


 2023-10-07  1h8m

episode 454: Is Taking a Break REALLY Bad?

Today I talk about a book called and it mentions how REALLY bad taking a break can be for your show. While I agree consistency is important, Jim has taken a few breaks off and on (as does this show occasionally) so we ask is it really REALLY bad?...


 2023-09-23  1h24m

episode 453: Drunk Podcasters and Why Nobody in My Family is Listening

I had no idea Jim would answer, "YES" when I asked, "Have you ever had to do a podcaster that was drunk? We also help someone understand why nobody in your family is listening to your show.  JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the School of...


 2023-09-17  1h28m