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Dave Jackson has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005 and every Saturday he is joined by Jim Collison to is runs the Average Guy Network. Together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching.

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episode 482: Bringing Back the Classics: Music, Tech, and Making Lasting Podcast Content

Today, we dive deep beyond the surface, exploring a cornucopia of topics from the resurgence of classic '70s music influenced by modern media to the practicalities and trends in technology, like the evolving use of iPads and the nuances of studio...



episode 481: Growing Your Podcast Audience: Time, Tools, and Techniques

This show is brought to you by the Today we talk about realistic growth of a podcast audience. I've always said the formula is  Value in Episode X Smart Promotion = Downloads A recent episode of the Grow Your Show podcast mentioned we might want...



episode 480: Balancing Passion and Logic in Podcasting: Strategies for Success

Today, Dave and Jim start off by looking at the motivational forces of a podcaster. "I think you need to be about 55% passion so that you have enough, "I MUST do this, and 45% logic helps you then steer it in the right direction." You need both for...



episode 479: Unveiling Dave's Latest Podcast Venture and Tips for Maintaining Audio Quality

Dave is making some of his new show, , and explains how he made decisions. We also talk formatting in apps, hate watching shows, avoiding bad audio from your guests and much more. Sponsor: If you need podcast artwork, lead agents or...



episode 478: SMS and Podcasting: A Match for Audience Engagement?

Hey there, and welcome back to "Ask the Podcast Coach," the show where your podcasting queries get the spotlight. Today, I've got an action-packed episode for you that's brimming with insights on using SMS to grow your podcast audience. I'm super...


 April 13, 2024  1h31m

episode 477: The Art of Podcast Feedback: Public or Private?

In this episode of "Ask the Podcast Coach," we dive into the nuances of adding enhanced content like slides to your YouTube videos. I discuss with Jim the evolving landscape of podcasting, the tricky transition from hobby to business, and the balance...


 April 6, 2024  1h30m

episode 476: How Do You Brainstorm With Yourself?


Today, someone asked, How do you brainstorm with yourself? Jim and Dave provide a few options and strategies that you can use so you don't have to be by yourself.  We also talk about what to do if the name of your show is being used by a dead...


 March 23, 2024  1h31m

episode 475: AI and Podcasting: Generating Episode Ideas

Today we help Dave with new artwork along with using AI to help you evaluate and generate topic ideas for your show. We talk editing, and the joys of rolling your chair over your headphone cable (again).   JOIN THE SCHOOL OF PODCASTING Join the...


 March 16, 2024  1h25m

episode 474: Navigating Formatting Challenges in Apple Podcast Descriptions

This show is equipped with Podcasting 2.0 chapters. Get a modern podcast app at   Hello everyone, Dave Jackson here, your trusty guide through the podcasting landscape, welcoming you back to another episode of "Ask the Podcast Coach." Today,...


 March 10, 2024  1h26m

episode 473: Engaging Listeners with Giveaways(?)

On today's episode, "Are Contests a Good Audience Builder?," we tackle a burning question: Are contests really the hidden gem for growing your podcast listenership, or are they just a magnet for spam and fake entries? I'll look at some of the crucial...


 March 2, 2024  1h27m