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We host a weekly show out of Boise, ID covering the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. On occasion we also do interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community.

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episode 73: A Year without God, part 2 with Ryan Bell

Former Adventist Pastor Ryan Bell returns to give us an update on his year without God. We discuss what he's seen from the atheist movement, both the good and his critiques, how his family has taken it, and the work he is doing with People Assisting...


 2014-12-18  1h21m

episode 72: Still Waiting for that Resurrection

INTRO * Police brutality, racism, etc* Cop breaks handcuffed woman's eye, faces no local charges THIS DAY IN HISTORY * 1941 - Germany declares war on the United States* 1969 - Soviets declare nudity a sign of "western...


 2014-12-12  1h8m

episode 71: Don't be a Dick with Stephanie Guttormson

Stephanie Guttormson is the Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. She also works to educate people about transgendered people, the challenges they face and how cis people can be better allies. On her YouTube...


 2014-12-05  59m

episode 70: You're Not Above the Law

INTRO * Furguson | NY Times | NBC THIS DAY IN HISTORY November 27 * 1095 - Pope Urban II orders first Crusade* 1942 - The French practice giving up* 2005 - Aerosmith and 50 Cent headline a $10 million bat...


 2014-11-27  1h8m

episode 69: Islamic Reformation with Ali Rizvi

In this episode we are joined by Ali Rizvi, a writer, musician, and physician who is an ex-Muslim of Pakistani birth. We discuss his background and vision for the future of the Islamic world, among other things. TwitterHuffington PostDead Shyre


 2014-11-20  1h21m

episode 68: Iran, for the love of dog!

INTRO THIS DAY IN HISTORY - November 13 * 1850 - Robert Louis Stevenson is born* 1953 - Indiana Textbook Commission member charges that Robin Hood is communistic* 1974 - Karen Silkwood dies in mysterious one-car crash SCIENCE AND...


 2014-11-14  55m

episode 67: The Happy Heathen with Jen Chadourne

Jen Chadbourne is an Iraq war veteran, military justice advocate, author, artist, ex-Wiccan, atheist, vegetarian, firearms enthusiast, and self-professed not an asshole. She blogs at Happy Heresy. You can find her at:@JL_ChadbournHappy Heathen...


 2014-11-07  1h9m

episode 66: The Backlash Begins

INTRO THIS DAY IN HISTORY October 30* 1918 - Ottoman Empire signs treaty with Allies* 1938 - Welles scares nation* 1953 - Eisenhower approves NSC 162/2 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY* Man with severed spine walks* Ebola litmus...


 2014-11-02  50m

episode 65: No Longer Witnessing with Chase

We are joined by Chase, a former Jehovah's Witness Pioneer who shares with us his story, JW history and doctrine, and his recovery. JWR


 2014-10-23  1h0m

episode 64: News for October 16, 2014

INTRO THIS DAY IN HISTORY - October 16 * 1793 - Marie-Antoinette is beheaded * 1814 ~ The Great London Beer Flood of 1814 | Fun London Tours | * 1964 - China joins A-bomb club * 1976 - "Disco Duck" hits the #1 spot on the...


 2014-10-17  54m