Atheist Nomads

We host a weekly show out of Boise, ID covering the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. On occasion we also do interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community.

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episode 19: Charity, the JW’s, and Black Atheism with Bridget Gaudette

Recorded on 01/12/13 for release on 01/24/13 0:00:25 INTRO Wesley was on Just Skeptics Register now for the Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference FEEDBACK – None this time around 0:04:39 THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1908 – Boy Scouts movem[...]


 2013-01-25  1h57m

episode 18: God’s Sexually Transmitted Infection with Dr. Darrel Ray

Recorded on 01/02/12 for release on 01/10/13 0:00:25 INTRO Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference – Come see us live! Dustin was quoted in the Idaho Statesman 0:09:07 FEEDBACK Regarding the holidays More on “Do No Harm” from Ben Thanks t[...]


 2013-01-10  1h54m

episode 17: Atheist Music, Morality, and Post-Jewish Life with Shelley Segal

Recorded for release on 12/27/12 0:00:25 INTRO 0:03:08 FEEDBACK Editing failure – Sorry Thumbs up from someone who would prefer to not be named Voice mail regarding Episode 14 and the discussion on ethics and “Do no harm” 0:17:33 THIS DAY IN[...]


 2012-12-28  1h46m

episode 16: Teaching Critical Thinking with the Token Skeptic’s Kylie Sturgess

0:00:25 INTRODUCTION 0:01:40 FEEDBACK WWII and related stuff How to deal with theistic family members 0:15:21 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – December 13 1577 – Francis Drake leaves England to explore and plunder 1915 – Mystery writer Ro[...]


 2012-12-13  2h0m

episode 15: Medicine, Vaccines, and the Land Down Under with Dr. Rachael Dunlop

Recorded on 11/25/12 and 11/02/12 for release on 11/29/12 0:00:25 INTRO Clarification on Mormon underwear from Dustin’s contact Temple recommend questions and official rules on the Mormon underwear 0: 14:27 FEEDBACK – Our first hate ma[...]


 2012-11-29  1h54m

episode 14: Living After Faith with Rich and Deanna Joy Lyons

Recorded 11/10/12 for release on 11/15/12 0:0:25 INTRO 0:26:11 FEEDBACK – Dan S 0:38:58 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – November 15 1777 – Articles of Confederation adopted 1864 – Sherman’s March to the Sea 1977 – Presiden[...]


 2012-11-16  2h11m

episode 13: Luck has nothing to do with it with Sam Mulvey

Recorded 10/20/12 for release on 10/25/12 0:01:18 INTRO 0:16:11 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – Octber 25th 1881 – Pablo Picasso born 1944 – First Japanese kamikaze attack of the war 1973 – Nixon vetoes war powers resolution 1980 [...]


 2012-10-28  2h13m

episode 12: Disability and accessibility with Chris Hofstader

Recorded 09/29/12 for release on 10/11/12 0:00:25 INTRO 0:08:13 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – October 11th 1925 – Elmore Leonard is born 1962 – Pope opens Vatican II 1975 – Bill Clinton marries Hillary Rodham 2002 – Jimmy Cart[...]


 2012-10-11  1h44m

episode 11: Balls to the Wall with JT Eberhard

Recorded September 22 for release on September 27 0:00:25 INTRODUCTION 0:12:38 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – SEPTEMBER 27TH 1540 – Jesuit order established 1938 – Franklin Roosevelt appeals to Hitler for peace 1938 – Poland Surrende[...]


 2012-09-30  2h4m

episode 10: The FDA takes on the Woo

Recorded on 09/08/12 for release on 09/13/12 – Hey, it’s only a day late. 0:25 INTRODUCTION A little more on e-cigs, thanks to Skeptics with a K. 6:34 THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1814 – Key pens Star-Spangled Banner 1993 – Israel-Pa[...]


 2012-09-15  1h37m