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Relationship Coaching couple, Natasha Koo & Jachym Jerie, are here to make your relationship work. From communication tips to conflict resolution in marriage, get ready to learn how to have a happy marriage. Even if your partner has given up, listen in to relationship help that works. Get practical marriage advice for women on how to fix a marriage that is rocky, because your relationship can be better than the honeymoon again.

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episode 18: How to Communicate Your Needs Without Being Needy

Trying to tell your partner that you aren't satisfied in your relationship isn't easy nor fun. You might've held in those feelings for months or even years. Now that you're about to speak your truth, it can go really badly: You could blow up or appear...



episode 17: How to Get Your Husband to Meet Your Emotional Needs

Everyone wants to feel satisfied and happy with their partner.   So what's the secret to getting your needs met in a relationship?   In this episode, we break down how to make your husband care about you.   It isn't enough to just know...



episode 16: 5 Powerful Signs Your Needs Aren't Being Met

Do you have a feeling that your relationship might be in trouble? Maybe you're stuck in disappointment and dissatisfaction. Tune in to this episode to learn the 5 power signs that your emotional needs are not being met in your marriage. Validate or...



episode 15: How to Make Your Husband Treat You Like a Queen

What went wrong? How come he’s so mean and disrespectful? You just want things to be just like the honeymoon, but now it seems like you’re asking for too much.  We’ll answer all those questions and more in this podcast episode. Find out why...



episode 14: How Your Husband Should Treat You (a Wife)

He used to shower you with compliments and attention. But now, your relationship has become one-sided.  He now treats you like a doormat- the very same person who vowed to love and cherish you. You feel neglected, left yearning for his...



episode 13: How to Make Your Husband Treat You Like a Priority

Want to know the secret behind being your husband's number one priority? Here's how to transform from being a drag to being the most important woman in the world to him: He won't make you a priority through your nagging or even begging. You need to...


 2021-05-19  46m

episode 12: Why Doesn't My Husband Make Me A Priority

He promised to always put you first, but you always come last these days. You don't want to appear needy, but it's so hard when everything seems more important than you.  This isn’t the marriage you signed up for. Instead of being cherished,...


 2021-05-12  32m

episode 11: How Can I Get My Husband to Pay More Attention to Me?

Are you sick of your husband canceling your date nights to be with his friends?   Does he make you feel like everything else is more important than you?   Listen to this episode now to understand how you can restore your love to new heights...


 2021-05-05  38m

episode 10: Why Is My Husband Not Giving Me Attention

Do you feel invisible in your relationship?   Check out the reasons why husbands ignore their wives from a guy's perspective, unfiltered.   Stop guessing why he gives you the cold shoulder. Learn what makes your man retreat and find out why...


 2021-04-28  27m

episode 9: What If Your Husband Rejects Your Affection On Purpose

Are you stuck with a husband who rejects your kisses, hugs, and affection? Once you learn the secret to being an irresistible wife, you won't need to keep up the exhausting efforts anymore. Get our tips on how to be naturally magnetic to him even if...


 2021-04-21  38m