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Relationship Coaching couple, Natasha Koo & Jachym Jerie, are here to make your relationship work. From communication tips to conflict resolution in marriage, get ready to learn how to have a happy marriage. Even if your partner has given up, listen in to relationship help that works. Get practical marriage advice for women on how to fix a marriage that is rocky, because your relationship can be better than the honeymoon again.

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episode 28: Why Am I Controlling In My Relationship

For us wives, we often have this unconscious desire to control every single aspect of our husbands' lives. I am guilty of placing myself in a position of superiority in our marriage wherein almost everything he did was wrong.  I was unconsciously...



episode 27: 11 Signs You Are a Controlling Wife

When the power dynamic is out of whack, it leads to husbands becoming distant, quiet, and disinterested in intimacy. In the worst case, it can even lead to resentment and divorce. Know whether your idea of a perfect wife has turned into his worst...



episode 26: How to Stop Being Needy in Marriage

When things aren't going well in your marriage and you find yourself constantly trying to get what you need from your partner without success, it might make you feel like an emotionally needy spouse. What is being needy in a relationship? Find out the...



episode 25: How Self Love Transforms Relationships With Celine Harleaux

Want more love, care and attention from your partner? Then self-love is a great place to start. On this special guest episode with Celine Harleaux, find out how respecting and appreciating yourself can lead your man to do the same. The success of your...



episode 24: How to Make Your Husband Appreciate You in 3 Simple Steps

As women, we tend to be givers. But what if you feel like all your time and efforts aren't reciprocated by your man? If you're thinking 'my husband doesn't appreciate what I do' then this episode is for you. You can stop wondering 'how to make him...


 2021-08-18  42m

episode 23: Why Does My Husband Not Appreciate Me?

You spend a lot of time keeping the house together but he just won't seem to notice. Over time, you start feeling unappreciated and uncherished. And so you keep on wondering, "Why does my husband not appreciate me?" It's mind-boggling how a man who...


 2021-08-11  31m

episode 22: Signs Your Husband Doesn't Appreciate You

Some wives come to us saying... 'My husband doesn't listen to my feelings or what I say.' 'My husband gives no effort and doesn't check on me.' 'My husband doesn't show me affection or love.' Are these signs that your husband doesn't appreciate you as...


 2021-08-04  32m

episode 21: Transforming Lack of Emotional Support From Your Husband Into Love

Wives come to us wondering: 'Why do I feel so alone in my marriage?' Often times it's because they feel like there's a lack of emotional support in a relationship. The husband might be there physically, but her emotional needs or emotional support in...


 2021-07-28  40m

episode 20: How To Meet Your Emotional Needs When Your Husband Isn’t Meeting Your Needs

There are times where we can't lean on our partners to get what we need in our marriage. It could be something external like increased work hours or internal like his desire to have more time alone to himself. If you want to start being...


 2021-07-07  37m

episode 19: Why Is My Husband Emotionally Unavailable

Has your partner become disconnected and distant? This episode is dedicated to wives who find their husbands to be emotionally unavailable or detached. You might be feeling neglected in a relationship because your husband doesn't show emotion. You...


 2021-06-30  29m