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How To Hire World-Class Analysts

During this podcast we cover: Why a service mentality is the most important attribute. Why the ability to present and persuade is crucial. Why you need analysts who are comfortable with different types of intelligence collection...


 2015-02-24  5m

7 Tips For Presenting Competitive Intelligence Research Like A Pro

During this podcast, we cover: Why competitive intelligence and market research analysts struggle with presenting data. Why the 10-20-30 slide show rule is ridiculous from a practical standpoint. Seven tips for making yourself a better presenter...


 2015-02-17  9m

Inside Sales Needs Ammo - Are Competitive Intelligence Teams Listening?

During this podcast, we cover: Why competitive intelligence teams should pay attention to inside sales teams. Why B2B inside sales isn't the telesales of old. Why your "competitive" content needs to have the right structure and information to...


 2015-02-03  6m

6th Edition - Go Beyond Google: Competitive Intelligence for B2B Tech

During this podcast, we cover: The launch of the 6th edition of our popular eBook - Going Beyond Google: Gathering B2B Competitive Intelligence from the Web. How the book helps readers mine data for B2B technology trends, companies and more. Why...


 2015-01-26  6m

Competitive Intelligence Must Adapt – B2B Sales and Marketing in 2015 - An Interview with Brent Adamson of CEB

During this podcast, Sean talks with Brent Adamson, Managing Director at the Corporate Advisory Board (CEB). How B2B companies are buying differently in 2015. Why 57% of the buyers journey is inherently digital. Is Win/Loss the right...


 2015-01-13  28m

B2B Technology - Thought Leaders - An interview with Ido Sarig of Wind River

During this podcast, Sean talks with Ido Sarig, Group Manager of the IoT solutions group at Wind River. How the IoT is different for B2B. Why IoT is not exactly like M2M. Why security is extremely important around B2B IoT. What companies...


 2015-01-06  20m

Competitive Intelligence Thought Leaders - An Interview with Wayne Jones of IBM

During this podcast, Sean talks with Wayne Jones who currently is a Global Market Insights Lead for IBM. We cover: How do CI teams disseminate information and interact with a large organization? Why a knowledge management system is a core piece...


 2014-12-17  22m

15 Competitive Intelligence questions Product Managers need to answer...

During this podcast, we cover 15 questions that Product Managers should seek to answer on every competitive intelligence effort. We cover: Key questions product managers need to ask when conducting competitive intelligence research. The role...


 2014-12-09  6m

When does Public Data equal Big Data - 3 Tips for Competitive Intelligence Teams

During this podcast, we cover 3 ways that Public Data equals Big Data. We cover: Why public data isn't the same as "Internet Data." How to leverage the Internet like a Big Data asset. How you can meaningfully get quant from the...


 2014-12-04  9m

Competitive Intelligence Thought Leaders - An interview with Kris Wheaton

During this podcast, Sean talks with Kris Wheaton - Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst. We cover: The skills that exceptional competitive intelligence professionals need to have His thoughts...


 2014-11-18  19m