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Analyzing Social Media Sharing with BuzzSumo - An Interview with Steve Rayson

During this podcast, Sean talks with Steve Rayson - the CEO of BuzzSumo. We cover: The difference between using Google and a tool like BuzzSumo for intelligence collection. How the analysis of Social Sharing data, across platforms such...


 2014-11-10  14m

3 Key Ways Competitive Intelligence is different than Spying

During this podcast, we cover three key ways Competitive Intelligence is different than Spying.   We cover: How Competitive Intelligence Professionals and Spies differ in how they disclose their identity. How Competitive Intelligence...


 2014-10-31  5m

4 Ways to Crack the Code on Competitor Pricing

During this podcast, we cover a variety of ways Competitive Intelligence, Pricing, and Strategy teams can gain insight on competitor pricing models.   This includes: Why you need to go beyond looking for "magic documents" that may...


 2014-10-24  6m

Building a Bridge - Uniting Competitive Intelligence and Market Research efforts.

During this podcast, we cover a variety of reasons why CI pros need to build a bridge between themselves and their company's market research team.  This includes: How you can marry the customer-centric view of MR with the...


 2014-10-07  6m

Why you need to know Web Analytics - Tips and Tricks for CI Pros

During this podcast we cover a variety of reasons why CI pros need to regulary mine web analytics.  This includes: Why tools such as SimilarWeb are solid sources for competitive intelligence. How you can you use web...


 2014-09-23  22m

6 Essential Truths of Competitive Intelligence Collection and Analysis

During this podcast, we cover the six essential truths of competitive intelligence collection and analysis: What someone thinks about the competitive intelligence collection and analysis effort is going to deeply impact...


 2014-09-12  6m

Making Social Media Analysis Easy with NodeXL

During this podcast, we interview Marc Smith one of the creators of NodeXL.   NodeXL is a free and fantastic tool for doing advanced social media analysis - right inside of Excel.   During this podcast, we talked to Marc...


 2014-09-08  20m

How to do Win-Loss Studies the Right Way....

During this podcast, we cover a few tips for conducting Win-Loss studies the right way. How to get a complete picture of what's going on out there, and how to avoid isolating on any single deal. The importance of looking at the entire...


 2014-09-01  5m

How to use web data the right way - 3 tips for success

During this podcast, we cover 3 tips for using web data the right way in your next competitive intelligence or market research project. How to treat data sources such as LinkedIn and Job Postings as a database first and a website second. The...


 2014-08-23  7m