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Ever wondered what JOY's uplifting music mix would sound like in languages other than English? Celebrate our diverse communities with the newest pop and dance music from around the world, in languages other than English. Hear classic tracks that have been hidden away in CD collections; get excited with Eurovision tracks from the past and present; and brace yourself for the weekly babble2babble - two songs, one language, back-to-back! You may not know what the musical story is, but you’ll still be tapping your toes and humming along. Throw English in the back seat and dive into the babble! NOTE: Due to music licencing requirements this podcast is unavailable outside of Australia.

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episode 16: #271: Freedom!

[Russian: Two hundred and seventy-one – Freedom!] Lockdown has finally lifted in Melbourne, as more and more of us step up to get the #FabJab. Michael celebrated with a haircut... LEARN MORE



episode 15: #270: Everything is good

[Norwegian: Two hundred and seventy – Everything is good] If life’s getting you down, let the babble look after you! Michael and Io get together for another episode to add... LEARN MORE



episode 14: #269: Would you like to dance with me?

[Punjabi: Two hundred and sixty-nine – Would you like to dance with me?] What a week! Michael and Io have recovered from general Melbourne busyness and are ready to party... LEARN MORE



episode 13: #268: Well played (Go Dogs)

[Greek: Two hundred and sixty-eight – Well played!] It’s a big weekend – there are more bops and bangers than you can handle, and Michael’s handling party pies and cocktail... LEARN MORE



episode 12: #267: It's picnic time

[Japanese: Two hundred and sixty-seven – It’s picnic time] The vax race is on, and Melbourne is able to finally break out the picnic baskets. Michael and Io are double... LEARN MORE


 2021-09-18  57m

episode 11: #266: We're very excited

[Turkish: Two hundred and sixty-six – We’re very excited] Get excited for ten amazing songs in languages that aren’t English. Michael and Io are certainly pumped, especially with a song... LEARN MORE


 2021-09-11  57m

episode 10: #265: Nothing special

[French: Two hundred and sixty-five – Nothing special] It’s a bumper show, filled with delightful treats from home and abroad. Let Michael and Io take you on a trip, with... LEARN MORE


 2021-09-04  58m

episode 9: #264: Love

[Ukrainian: Two hundred and sixty-four – Love] The aeroplane is ready to take you on a journey around the world, with bops, bangers and belters in languages other than English.... LEARN MORE


 2021-08-28  57m

episode 8: #263: The best

[Mandarin: Two hundred and sixty-three – The best] We’re all stuck at the moment, with lockdowns taking their toll. Let Michael and Io take you on a trip around the... LEARN MORE


 2021-08-21  57m

episode 7: #262: You moustache be my slave

[Eurovision: 262 – What a combination] Michael’s going solo with the tunes this week, but you’ll still want to find a dancefloor handy. There’s Russian disco, Spanish schlager and two... LEARN MORE


 2021-08-14  56m