Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy

Babies can eat so many more foods than we give them credit for! Katie Ferraro, Registered Dietitian, baby-led weaning expert and mom of 7 helps you get a SAFE start to solid foods using baby-led weaning. Baby-led weaning helps your baby become an independent eater & prevents picky eating. Join Katie for easy-to-implement infant feeding tips and tricks that will build confidence in your baby’s ability to safely start solid food and self-feed!

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One Pot or Pan Dinner Ideas for Baby-Led Weaning with Ellie Krieger, RD

#106: Yes, making wholesome food for your baby from scratch sounds amazing...but who has all day to do it?! Babies can eat modified versions of the same foods the rest of the family eats, and Ellie Krieger is going to show you how to do it using only...



5 Survival Skills for Managing the BLW Mess

#105: Does the baby-led weaning mess STRESS you out? If you want to know how to prevent the BLW mess...well there’s no way to do that. But you can take steps to minimize the baby-led weaning mess.   In this episode I’m sharing 5 survival...



100 First Foods Graduates

BONUS: In 2016 I created the 100 FIRST FOODS approach to starting solid foods with baby-led weaning. I did the 100 FIRST FOODS approach with my baby quadruplets, creating a 5-step feeding framework that helps you introduce 5 new foods per week, 20...



How the Lucky Iron Fish Can Increase Iron Absorption with Founder & CEO Gavin Armstrong, PhD

#104: The Lucky Iron Fish is a unique kitchen tool, a piece of iron carved in the shape of a fish that you cook with for 10 minutes to release a significant amount of iron. This product is safe for babies age 7 months+ to use and in this episode I’m...



Liver: How to Offer Liver Safely to Babies

#103: If you’re not a liver lover, then you need to listen to this episode! Liver is one of the most nutrient rich foods you can feed your baby. It’s packed with iron and fat-soluble vitamins, not to mention a really unique taste and texture...



The Future of BLW with its Founding Philosopher Gill Rapley, PhD (Part 2)

#102: Gill Rapley is the co-author of the original baby-led weaning book and the founder of the BLW movement. In this second part of our 2-part interview series, Dr. Rapley is looking ahead at where she sees the BLW movement going in the future. (In...



Straw Cup vs. Open Cup: Which Comes First? with Dawn Winkelmann, MS, CCC-SLP

Episode #: 101 Title:  Straw Cup vs. Open Cup: Which Comes First? with Dawn Winkelmann, MS, CCC-SLP Guest: Dawn Winkelmann, MS, CCC-SLP CTA: Advertiser: N/A Episode Description:      #101: Which comes first for babies who are...



The History of BLW with its Founding Philosopher Gill Rapley, PhD (Part 1)

#100: Gill Rapley will be the first to tell you she didn’t “invent” baby-led weaning. But if you’ve read Rapley’s original baby-led weaning book, you’ll agree that she did a lot more than, as she so modestly claims, “...just gave it a...



Are Organic Foods Better for My Baby?

#99: Does my baby need to eat organic foods? Are organic foods “healthier” than their conventionally grown counterparts? If you can only afford or get access to certain types of organic foods, which ones should you offer to your baby?   In...



Breastfeeding + Scheduling Solid Foods with @milkymamallc Krystal Duhaney, RN, IBCLC

#98: Are you a breastfeeding mom who is dreading the transition to solid foods? Like you JUST got this whole breastfeeding thing figured out and now it’s time to layer in having to feed your baby real food? If you’re nervous about making the...