Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner

The Powers That Be invite you on a musical journey every week for two hours of 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join Beardo (from Philly) and Spinner (his co-host and friend for over 40 years from The Hague) for your dose of all that is blue! Broadcasting on the net since 1999.



Bandana Blues $774 - More Blues

Show #774 More Blues An episode filled with some recent and brand new music, a few oldies from vinyl and an oddball or two. 01. Cuban Heels - Get Me Outta Here (3:40) (Gritbag, Cool Buzz, 2011) 02. Willa Vincitore - These Days (4:32) (Choices,...



Bandana Blues #773 - Play Some Blues

Show #773 Play Some Blues All new and recent music presented to you by your host Spinner. 01. Randy McAllister - Batter Up (4:42) (Triggers Be Trippin', Reaction Records, 2018) 02. Katie Henry - Nowhere Fast (4:20) (High Road, self-release, 2018) 03....



Bandana Blues #772 - First Show Of 2019

Show #772 First Show Of 2019 There's always a first for everything. So here's the first Bandana Blues show of 2019. With great music...but that's not for the first time. Enjoy! 01. Phil Berkowitz - Always A First Time (3:34) (All Night Party, Dirty...



Bandana Blues #771 - Happy New Year

Show #771 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! The last episode of 2018, with recent music, one or two appropriate oldies and a nod to a few artists we lost during this year. 01. Mike Zito - Time For A Change (3:13) (First Class Life, Ruf Records, 2018) 02. Charles...



Bandana Blues #770 - Spinner's Xmas Break

Show #770 Spinner's Xmas Break Wow... NO playlist ??? Just listen to find out why. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Follow these links for Bandana's Xmas shows 2018: 2013:...



Bandana Blues #769 - Beardo's Birthday Bash 2018

Show #769 Beardo's Birthday Bash 2018 A show to celebrate Beardo's Birthday, with dedications of a couple of faithful listeners and some musical choices made by Spinner. A Bandana Blues episode Beardo would have liked. Spinner hopes you will too. 01....


 2018-12-16  1h57m

Bandana Blues #768 - Spinner Goes Naked!

Show #768 Spinner Goes Naked! Yes folks, this Bandana Blues episode is special. Makes you curious, right? Well, don't hesitate and start listening. 01. Marc Tee - Sometime Baby (4:58) (Lights On!, Naked, 2003) 02. Howlin' Bill - Pick Up Lines (2:56)...


 2018-12-09  1h32m

Bandana Blues #767 - Another Detour Thru The Past

Show #767 Another Detour Thru The Past This Bandana Blues episode is filled with old and real old music. So get ready for another detour thru the past! 01. Joe Turner - Morning Noon And Night [1955] (2:40) (Jumpin' With Joe, Charlie Records, 1984)...


 2018-12-02  1h34m

Bandana Blues #766 - Strong Arm Music

Show #766 Strong Arm Music Are you ready for some strong guitar work? Well then, sit tight and enjoy the ride. 01. Anthony Gomes - Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (3:49) (Peace, Love & Loud Guitars, Up 2 Zero Entertainment, 2018) 02. Randy Volin...


 2018-11-25  1h28m

Bandana Blues #765 - Blues Rocks!

Show #765 Blues Rocks! Spinner put another eclectic blues show together for you. And it rocks! Enjoy. 01. Michael Burks - Hard Come, Easy Go (5:05) (Iron Man, Alligator Records, 2008) 02. The Dream Logic - You Wrecked Me (3:59) (Liquid Sunshine,...


 2018-11-18  1h32m