Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner

The Powers That Be invite you on a musical journey every week for two hours of 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join Beardo (from Philly) and Spinner (his co-host and friend for over 40 years from The Hague) for your dose of all that is blue! Broadcasting on the net since 1999.



Bandana Blues #769 - Beardo's Birthday Bash 2018

Show #769 Beardo's Birthday Bash 2018 A show to celebrate Beardo's Birthday, with dedications of a couple of faithful listeners and some musical choices made by Spinner. A Bandana Blues episode Beardo would have liked. Spinner hopes you will too. 01....


 2018-12-16  1h57m

Bandana Blues #768 - Spinner Goes Naked!

Show #768 Spinner Goes Naked! Yes folks, this Bandana Blues episode is special. Makes you curious, right? Well, don't hesitate and start listening. 01. Marc Tee - Sometime Baby (4:58) (Lights On!, Naked, 2003) 02. Howlin' Bill - Pick Up Lines (2:56)...


 2018-12-09  1h32m

Bandana Blues #767 - Another Detour Thru The Past

Show #767 Another Detour Thru The Past This Bandana Blues episode is filled with old and real old music. So get ready for another detour thru the past! 01. Joe Turner - Morning Noon And Night [1955] (2:40) (Jumpin' With Joe, Charlie Records, 1984)...


 2018-12-02  1h34m

Bandana Blues #766 - Strong Arm Music

Show #766 Strong Arm Music Are you ready for some strong guitar work? Well then, sit tight and enjoy the ride. 01. Anthony Gomes - Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (3:49) (Peace, Love & Loud Guitars, Up 2 Zero Entertainment, 2018) 02. Randy Volin...


 2018-11-25  1h28m

Bandana Blues #765 - Blues Rocks!

Show #765 Blues Rocks! Spinner put another eclectic blues show together for you. And it rocks! Enjoy. 01. Michael Burks - Hard Come, Easy Go (5:05) (Iron Man, Alligator Records, 2008) 02. The Dream Logic - You Wrecked Me (3:59) (Liquid Sunshine,...


 2018-11-18  1h32m

Bandana Blues #764 - Post Election Blues

Show #764 Post Election Blues Whether you got the post election blues or not, this is a great rockin' blues show for these trying times. So check it out and judge for yourself. 01. Canned Heat - Election Blues (6:04) (The New Age, Liberty/United...


 2018-11-12  1h33m

Bandana Blues #763 - Another Kick-Ass Show

Show #763 Another Kick-Ass Show All recent music, some of it brand new in this Bandana Blues episode. Spinner thinks it's another Kick-Ass show, but ofcourse it is up to you to judge if he's right. 01. The Hoodoo Tones - Rink Rage (2:03) (Here To...


 2018-11-04  1h43m

Bandana Blues #762 - Spooky !!!

Show #762 Spooky !!! This Bandana Blues episode is not really a Halloween show, although it is quite 'spooky'. And that's why Spinner dedicates it to those who propose on Halloween. 01. Mark Sharpe - Spooky (2:55) (45 RPM Single, Liberty Records,...


 2018-10-29  1h32m

Bandana Blues #761 - Hot Music

Show #761 Hot Music October has been a lot warmer than usual in The Netherlands and Spinner just loves hot weather. But he also worries about climate change. The only thing that should be alowed to heat up the atmosphere is HOT MUSIC. 01. Slim Harpo...


 2018-10-21  1h32m

Bandana Blues #760 - You Gotta Hear This

Show #760 You Gotta Hear This Spinner has got a lot of great new music for you: lots of blues and few odd tunes you might not expect. So you gotta hear this. 01. Lindsay Beaver - You're Evil (3:21) (Tough As Love, Alligator Records, 2018) 02. JP...


 2018-10-14  1h34m