Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner

The Powers That Be invite you on a musical journey every week for two hours of 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join Beardo (from Philly) and Spinner (his co-host and friend for over 40 years from The Hague) for your dose of all that is blue! Broadcasting on the net since 1999.



Bandana Blues with Beardo & Spinner

New music from Little Charlie and the Nightcats, plus a couple tunes that help explain just what Bandana Blues, is. We also say goodbye to Oscar Brown Jr.


 2005-06-07  1h19m

Green Room for Show #94

Just a little one-way conversation from Beardo as he casts a jaundiced look at the Memorial Day holiday in the states and gives you an idea about the contents of this weeks show. Make it two way and drop him a line, Ok? BTW,...


 2005-05-29  5m

Bandana Blues Show#94

Happy Memorial Day...yeah right. Spinner is very last submitting his show, but gets in under the wire with a juicy segment! Beardo once again plays a mix of old and new including The Hollywood Blue Flames, Hollywood Fats' old band, , The Ford Brothers...


 2005-05-29  1h19m

Green Room for show #93

Just a little one-way conversation from Beardo. Make it two way and drop me a line, Ok?


 2005-05-23  3m

Show #92

Mosely NEW music this week and Spinner's Big City Segment!!!


 2005-05-13  1h19m

Bandana Blues #91 Sort of...

Actually a repeat of show #2 from 2003


 2005-05-11  1h17m