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Helping creators determine how the news affects their careers and projects. Join Bandrew Scott every Sunday evening as he deconstructs the latest YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming news to help you avoid the hysteria and focus on what's important; creating content. On occasion Bandrew also shares insights into creating for the Podcastage YouTube channel which has over 220,000 subscribers and 40 Million views.

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episode 336: This Podcast Is Not Edited, Abandoning Content Deadlines, & More

On episode 336 of the BSP I discuss why you should edit your podcast and demonstrate why editing is so important by not doing any edits during this show. I talk about pushing your arbitrary content release deadlines to ensure you're releasing a...



episode 335: $100 Video Podcast Setup, Dangers of YouTube Business

On episode 335 of the BSP I discuss my $100 video podcast setup that I am using to prove that you don't need high quality equipment to make listenable and watchable videos or podcasts, you can get by with affordable gear. I also talk more about...



episode 334: The Issue With Ad Supported Content, and More

On episode 334 of the BSP I discuss youtube's policy change which has led to videos with swearing in the first 8 seconds getting demonetized, and then elaborate on the overarching issue with ad supported content. I then explain how growing up playing...



episode 333: 2022 Was Another Failure, What I Learned Last Year

On episode 333 of the BSP I discuss what I learned from all the experiences during 2022 through the ups and downs and what my takeaways were. I also discuss if I hit my 2022 goals, what my favorite videos I made during the year, as well as my content...



episode 332: Best Media of 2022, Cheap Gear For Video Podcast

On episode 332 of the BSP I discuss my favorite youtube channels of the year, my favorite movies of the year, and my favorite books of the year. Then I share how I'm recording this entire episode with cheap gear.   Subscribe to the full audio...


 2022-12-25  35m

episode 331: Addicted to Optimization, Philosophy of Bandrew

On episode 331 of the BSP I discuss the addiction to optimization and how gear is used to avoid doing actual work, preamp noise not being important, the fact that I am a philosopher, how I am a true gangster, and why I don't use fitness bands. ...


 2022-12-19  51m

episode 330: Creating Art Without Talent, Apple Watch Ultra Review

On episode 330 of the BSP I discuss the tragedy of handholding a Neumann U87 Ai for a full podcast episode, creating content and art when you are not inherently talented, and I offer a terrible review of the apple watch ultra.   Subscribe to the...


 2022-12-11  27m

episode 329: Everything I Believe Has Been a Lie, Dark Videos Why?

On episode 329 of the BSP I discuss how everything I believed is probably a lie and I have to assess everything to determine if it's accurate. I then talk about the purpose of videos being dark, the real reason people dislike electret microphones, the...


 2022-12-04  37m

episode 328: Microphones for Fall, Why I Reject Money from Companies, and More

On episode 328 of the BSP I discuss microphones I associate with fall, why I do not accept money from companies even though I love some of them, thoughts on electret condenser microphones, how to get the best sound with remote guests, and double...


 2022-11-27  31m

episode 327: Rode NT-USB+, How is Future Twitter Different Than YouTube?, Judging Your Audio, I'm Not Successful

On episode 327 of the BSP I discuss the Rode NT-USB+, how the future Twitter is different from Youtube, if handmade microphones are better, why I don't have a team, what makes a broadcast condenser, if I'll be a guest on your podcast and then I judge...


 2022-11-21  57m