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Helping creators determine how the news affects their careers and projects. Join Bandrew Scott every Sunday evening as he deconstructs the latest YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming news to help you avoid the hysteria and focus on what's important; creating content. On occasion Bandrew also shares insights into creating for the Podcastage YouTube channel which has over 220,000 subscribers and 40 Million views.

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episode 303: Facebook Giving Up On Podcasts, TikTok Revenue Share, and More

On episode 303 of the BSP I discuss the announcement that Facebook is shutting down it's podcast service, TikTok is rolling out revenue share with creators who have over 100,000 followers, a few tricks at reducing sibilance, and the most disgusting...



episode 302: Twitter Saved and/or Destroyed, YouTube Shorts Monetization, and More

On episode 302 of the BSP I discuss the announcement that Elon Musk is buying Twitter and what changes he wants to make tot he service, as well as youtube's plan to monetize shorts with advertisements. Then I share feedback about streaming services,...



episode 301: YouTube Monetization Update, The Issue With Streamign Services, & More

On episode 301 of the BSP I discuss the new YouTube policy that will pause monetization on certain content, Netflix stock tanking and the issue that I see with most streaming services, and then I share my advice on how to move the SM7b without causing...



episode 300: What I Learned from 300 Podcast Episodes

On episode 300 of the BSP I talk about some advice I wish I could give myself before I started podcasting even though this is all pretty basic knowledge at this point. I'm just trying to share what I've learned after doing this podcast for 6 years....


 2022-04-11  1h0m

episode 299: YouTube's Podcast Plans, Universal Audio Spark, and moreYouTube's Podcast Plans, Universal Audio Spark, and more

On episode 299 of the BSP I talk about youtube's plans for podcasting in the future and what it might mean, Universal Audio Spark and why it's good and terrible as well as how audio gear does not matter!   Subscribe to the full audio podcast at ...


 2022-04-03  47m

episode 286: Google Favoring "Helpful" Reviews, Hobbies are Becoming Too Expensive

On episode 298 of the BSP I talk about google altering their search results to surface more "helpful" reviews, and I share my thoughts on a growing issue with hobbies and why I think they're becoming so expensive.   Subscribe to the full audio...


 2022-03-27  31m

episode 297: How I Coped With 2 Years of Lockdown

On episode 297 of the BSP I talk about what helped me cope with the last two years of isolation and lockdowns while testing out the Warm Audio WA47 Jr.   Subscribe to the full audio podcast at   Gear Used This Episode (Affiliate Links):...


 2022-03-20  44m

episode 296: Universal Audio SD-1, YouTube vs. Tik Tok, SM7b or RE320Universal Audio SD-1, YouTube vs. Tik Tok, SM7b or RE320

On episode 296 of the BSP I talk about the Universal Audio SD-1, then further discuss making money from youtube, the relationship of reviewers and the audience as well as reviewers and companies. Then I discuss why youtube is going after the tik tok...


 2022-03-13  40m

episode 295: 295: YouTube Paying Podcasters?, sE Dynacaster Redemption, and More

On episode 295 of the BSP, I discuss a rumor that youtube is paying podcasters a grant of $50,000 - $300,000 to start making a video podcast on the platform, then I discuss the redemption of the sE Electronics Dynacster, and then explore the idea of...


 2022-03-06  52m

episode 294: Retailers Earn From Your Work, "Free" Stuff isn't Free, & More

On episode 294 of the BSP, I discuss retailers embedding youtube videos on their product pages and pose questions about the ethics of this and if it's okay, then discuss youtubers who feel entitled to free stuff but why free stuff isn't in fact free,...


 2022-02-20  42m