Barber Shop Podcast

A podcast from Canada's blast furnace of music. Hamilton Ontario has been known as a bread-and-butter music town, and this show will introduce you to the best from a rich pool of musical genius. As real as it gets.

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Radio Free Universe

The guys in RFU have been on this show a couple of times before, their story and legitimate claim to groove rock supremacy well established in the years covering that time span. This time, the magical third appearance, has the honor of showcasing the band


 2016-08-31  1h19m

Cory Mercer

Like it or not, music is art. Some is fine art, some street, but in the end it is absolutely the product of the fertile mind and busy hands of an artist. Cory Mercer is the kind of guest we dig at the Barber Shop, possessing both the steady eye, deep thou


 2016-08-23  1h13m

The Kat Kings

When it comes to music, the Golden Horseshoe is more than adequate to describe the vast riches that fill the land along Lake Ontario from Oshawa to Niagara. Sure, we here in Hamilton can clearly see that geographically speaking, we are the gem in the midd


 2016-08-17  1h4m


We are all the sum of our parts, a product of genetics and environment. Nobody gets here alone, and the brief time we shine on this earth is finite, the marks we leave are testament to our worldly influences. Brian Andreas is such a wonderful amalgamation


 2016-08-11  1h7m

Jacqui Brown

The journey from Northern Saskatchewan to the big smoke has been as interesting and enlightening as Jacqui Brown herself. Born with the spirit to perform and the unwavering support of her family, she was singing early and often with the ability that makes


 2016-07-20  1h11m

Will Gillespie

It was a bittersweet Wednesday last year when yours truly was nursing a broken heart and flagging hopes when we first featured Will Gillespie on our little show. The north Ontario troubadour delivered a sage and steady presence along with some beautifully


 2016-07-13  51m

Jay Pollmann

You can take the boy from The Hammer but that patina never fades once it's in your blood. Jay Pollmann was born in Steel City to a musical family, the healing and community aspects of the arts re-enforced on a daily basis. Learning by ear and hungry fo


 2016-07-06  1h9m

Laura Cole & Harvey Summers

Laura Cole has the world by the tail these days - and rightfully so. Riding the commercial and critical success if 2014's "Dirty Cheat", Cole has parlayed her success into a bona fide career in music. Many awards and accolades, guest appearances and to


 2016-07-04  1h29m

Jim Dan Dee

There exists both a fine line and a huge chasm between The Hammer and Hogtown, the grit and the polish, the slick and the greasy. Musically speaking, both Hamilton and Toronto share so many common roots and spurs born from the TH&B railroad of yesteryear.


 2016-06-22  1h12m


Michael A.M. is a fave around The Barber Shop, a rare breed who can hang with the old dudes as easily as the young turks and tattooed poseurs you find all around the scene. Born of good Polish stock and Canadian street schooling, the role of the cock-sure


 2016-06-22  57m