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Seven drinking buddies with a TTRPG problem. Join us every Monday for actual play tabletop role playing game fun. | Second Campaign: The Dawn Guard Saga: Join the Dawn Guard as they make their way through Dungeons and fight Dragons, as they save the kingdom from the approaching void!

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episode 234: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E23 - A Medium Hot Jane

In this episode, the almost full crew finds themselves back in the city of Pitt. Having just successfully passed the test and joining the Strappers, the crew took some time to explore the city and see where everything is. During this time, the crew picke...


 2021-06-21  1h8m

episode 233: One Page One Offs! | Dr. Magnet Hands - Can Fly But Can't Walk - Part 2

Since we are still two members down this episode, we are going to finish off our one page one off of Dr. Magnet Hands! When we last left off, the crew had just crash landed on the moon due to the parachutes on the rocket not working as planned. Once ther...


 2021-06-14  44m

episode 232: One Page One Offs! | Dr. Magnet Hands - Can Fly But Can't Walk - Part 1

Since we are two members down this episode, we are bringing you another One Page One Off! This game is called Dr. Magnet Hands and is sort of like an ad-lib adventure. We had a great time playing it and hope you lot enjoy as well. Come and see what kind ...


 2021-06-07  51m

episode 231: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E22 - Shadows and Sheets

Now that the group has acquired a demon sword, they begin the trek back to the portal that will take them back to the Strappers hideout. On the way, they come across a number of bodies, some of which they recognize, and feel that getting back won’t be as...


 2021-05-31  52m

episode 230: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E21 - Ogres, Demons, and Garbage Oh My!

The Bards crew is back on the main campaign and hitting the ground running! In this episode the group picks up where they left off, freeing a demon that had been captured by Ogres in a large garbage pit. With the demon freed, chaos ensues, and the whole ...


 2021-05-24  56m

episode 229: One Page One Offs! | Sexy Battle Wizards - Adventure 1

The Bards & Nobles crew oh missing two on this episode, so we all know what that means! ONE OFFFFF!!!!!!! This episode, the remaining crew dives into a one page system called “Sexy Battle Wizards” in an adventure lead by Boyd. Is this system as amazing a...


 2021-05-17  1h17m

episode 228: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E20 - You Wanna Chunga?

The Bards & Nobles crew onto that main campaign with this episode! We last left off with the crew trying to save their crewmate Ebberon only to find he had been eaten by the goblins that live in this battle plain. With their old acquaintance Larry now he...


 2021-05-10  1h11m

episode 227: The Tales of Orn | EP3 - A Nope Rope With Arms!

The Bards & Nobles crew slithers forward in the third and final episode of this one off. But what will end it? Will our heroes vanquish the enemy and accomplish the task at hand? Will the new found “friend” turn out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing? Will...


 2021-05-03  1h2m

episode 226: The Tales of Orn | EP2 - Door Number SNAKE!

The Bards & Nobles crew continues their quest in the Kingdom of Orn, trying to prove their worthiness to join an adventuring guild. Upon investigating the dungeons they were charged with as their initiation, they found things were not quite what they see...


 2021-04-26  1h21m

episode 225: The Tales of Orn | EP1 - The Tryout

The Bards & Nobles crew is off on another adventure as Brian is out for the session. Boyd is filling in with a one-off set in the Kingdom of Orn, where our players have been called to join an adventuring guild but must prove themselves worthy. Who all is...


 2021-04-19  1h3m