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Seven drinking buddies with a TTRPG problem. Join us every Monday for actual play tabletop role playing game fun. | Second Campaign: The Dawn Guard Saga: Join the Dawn Guard as they make their way through Dungeons and fight Dragons, as they save the kingdom from the approaching void!

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episode 224: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E19 - Reunions Are Weird

The crew followed the trail of their lost member, which lead the group to a cave entrance with a few Goblins standing watch. The group has a plan in place and begin to set it in motion. Will the goblins work with the group? Will the crew find their lost ...


 2021-04-12  1h8m

episode 223: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E18 - Askewbing Off

After finally catching on that they were supposed to go down the secret passage in the bar to the Scrappers meeting, the crew is sent through the portal to Acheron for one last test. Going through the portal the team is immediately thrust into combat as ...


 2021-04-05  1h4m

episode 222: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E17 - Life of the Party!

In this episode, the crew finds their way to the meetup they were invited to by Jethro, a peppy little bar with good drinks, delicious cookies, and a few other things of interest. What will happy at this Strappers meeting? Will the crew be invited to joi...


 2021-03-29  1h2m

episode 221: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E16 - But What About Tibor?

In this episode, some of the crew talk with Tibor about his deathly ill brother James. After trying a few things, saving the brother just seemed to be out of the crews reach, so they decided to try a different approach to deal with the strange magic surr...


 2021-03-22  59m

episode 220: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E15 - The Invite

In this episode, the various members of the group set out to explore the city of Pitt some more and to run some errands. Before the group leaves, they are approached and invited to a Strappers meeting that evening. What is this meeting about? Has the cre...


 2021-03-15  1h6m

episode 219: Kintsugi Side Quest | Robonanigans!

In this episode, the crew is down a few members so the remaining cast is diving into another side quest! We are playing the Kintsugi game system again as it’s a fun and easy system to get into and play a one off with. For this one, Brian is at the wheel ...


 2021-03-08  1h4m

episode 218: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E14 - Ring Around the Portal

The crew, along with Quick and his 2 helpers, have made it to the portal back to Pitt, but there is the small issue of the Guardians guarding the gate to keep them from getting back. A couple of the crew members had started putting some things in motion,...


 2021-03-01  1h17m

episode 217: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E13 - Are We There Yet?

The group is still working their way back to the portal for the City of Pitt, however the group seems to think they’ve gotten turned around. The crew wants to consult Quicks map, but everyone is mostly confident they will reach the gate fine without any ...


 2021-02-22  59m

episode 216: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E12 - Off to the Chases!

After the encounter at Bashirs ranch with a group that call themselves “The Guardians”, Quick and the crew left the area in a hurry as they still have a job to do. They group must make it back to the city with the goods, but are not sure on the best way ...


 2021-02-15  1h14m

episode 215: Shadow of the Pitt Lords | E11 - All Smoke and More Smoke

Quick and Crew are at Bashirs place to get the stuff they need to transport back to the city. However, the deal does not seem to be on the up and up and not what Quick had agreed to. Will Quick and the crew work it out? Or will the whole mission just go ...


 2021-02-08  1h1m