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Seven drinking buddies with a TTRPG problem. Join us every Monday for actual play tabletop role playing game fun. | Second Campaign: The Dawn Guard Saga: Join the Dawn Guard as they make their way through Dungeons and fight Dragons, as they save the kingdom from the approaching void!

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episode 144: IN SPACE! | E0 - Part 1 - The Discovery!

The Bards and Nobles crew begins a new journey in this pre-campaign one off (but still in the campaign system and setting). Join us and listen as the crew of the Zanzibar gets a mission from their boss about a mysterious item the crew needs to acquire. W...


 2019-10-07  57m

episode 145: IN SPACE! | E0 - Part 2 - The Dilemma!

The crew of the Zanzabar continue their exploration of the derelict ship they’ve been sent out to assess and collect. However, the crew finds themselves face to face with a fairly serious moral dilemma. What dilemma you ask? What choice do they end up ma...


 2019-10-14  47m

episode 146: IN SPACE! | E1 - New Beginnings!

The Bards and Nobles crew begins a new journey set in a futuristic space themed world with Brian at the helm! You guys got a small taste with episode 0, but now we are starting the actual campaign! What characters did we make for these adventures? How do...


 2019-10-21  58m

episode 147: IN SPACE! | E2 - A Simple Delivery

The crew of the Nymphadora wait for the park to open so they can finally complete their delivery and return back to Star HQ for their pay. But things don’t seem quite right and things get out of control quick. Why doesn’t it go as smoothly as planned? Do...


 2019-10-28  58m

episode 149: IN SPACE! | E3 - Signature Required

The crew of the Nymphadora have volunteered to go down into the tunnel to help find and rescue the chief engineer and to finally get him to sign for the drill bits he ordered. However, things only seem to get more complicated as the crew goes deeper into...


 2019-11-04  1h5m

episode 150: IN SPACE! | E4 - Just Plain Trashy

The crew of the Nymphadora finally finished their drill bit delivery run to the Sol Fortuna theme park and have just finished a well-deserved rest. Now the STARS shipping company requires their services again and are tasked with 2 missions to complete. W...


 2019-11-11  54m

episode 151: IN SPACE! | E5 - Stunning Surprise

The crew of the Nymphadora have dropped off their recycle mission and had started looking for the ships they are supposed to repo for the company. After looking around the dock and visiting the home of the former STAR employee, they crew gets ready to he...


 2019-11-18  55m

episode 152: IN SPACE! | E6 - Spacey and Chrome!

The crew of the Nymphadora continue their repo mission and attempt to get the Myrtle back from a local group of miscreants. Things are going mostly well as they left with the Myrtle in tow, however, things may not be completely over just yet. What does t...


 2019-11-25  1h19m

episode 153: IN SPACE! | E7 - Without SIN

The crew of the Nymphadora have returned to Bermuda Epsilon but it appears the welcome they received wasn’t quite what they expected. Not going to say everything the crew did was right, but it’s really about the perception right? How did the crew deal wi...


 2019-12-02  59m

episode 154: IN SPACE! | E8 - Running on Fumes

The crew of the Nymphadora have made their way around an unknown anomaly on their way back to Asteria. Once they get to Asteria they should be delivering the retrieved ship and helping a young woman with passage to her brother. However, as usual, nothing...


 2019-12-09  1h5m