Bards & Nobles: A Tabletop RPG Podcast

Seven drinking buddies with a TTRPG problem. Join us every Monday for actual play tabletop role playing game fun. | Second Campaign: The Dawn Guard Saga: Join the Dawn Guard as they make their way through Dungeons and fight Dragons, as they save the kingdom from the approaching void!

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episode 155: IN SPACE! | E9 - Poor Choices

The crew of the Nymphadora have made their way back into work after barely making it back to Asteria and having a run in with one of the local gangs. Upon returning they find themselves suddenly on administrative leave due to the mess that has been made ...


 2019-12-16  54m

episode 156: IN SPACE! | E10 - Questionable Discoveries

The crew of the Nymphadora have made their way onto the yacht that will take them to the private island for the game invite they all received. The crew spend the time getting to the island catching up with each other on what they were up to over their fo...


 2019-12-23  49m

episode 157: IN SPACE! | E11 - Stylized Psyche

The crew of the Nymphadora have had a good night’s rest and are now on their way to the gaming chamber to being their first day of testing. They are still a little unclear as to what all they are supposed to be doing, what roles they will play, or what t...


 2019-12-30  52m

episode 158: IN SPACE! | E12 - The Maidens Pearl

The crew of the Nymphadora continue exploring the Autoreality game they’ve been invited to test and complete. They set off exploring the town to take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of this fantastic game they are in. During their wanderings, t...


 2020-01-06  58m

episode 159: IN SPACE! | E13 - The Porcelain Citadel

The crew of the Nymphadora are getting ready to break camp after spending some time foraging for supplies to continue on to the Porcelain Citadel, a location of interest within the autoreality game currently being tested.  The city itself is quite differ...


 2020-01-13  50m

episode 161: IN SPACE! | E14 - The Difference

The Bards and Nobles crew is back in the main campaign as they are taking a short break before they are ready to be put back into the Auto-Reality game they’ve been invited to test. Upon entering the game for the second time, the crew notices some change...


 2020-02-03  59m

episode 163: IN SPACE! | E15 - A Dream for All

The crew continues investigating and experience the auto reality game they’ve been invited to test and continue on the path to assist Vorgo on his quest to win Cubinas hand. After leaving the mercury lake, the crew stumbles across some strange experience...


 2020-02-10  58m

episode 164: IN SPACE! | E16 - The Ideal Islands

The group continues their journey to the Ideal Islands in search of a great being said to be able to grant wishes and knows all information there is to know. As with most things with this crew however, there are catches and caveats to everything. Will th...


 2020-02-17  1h0m

episode 165: IN SPACE! | E17 - Oui Chef

The group finds themselves in the cooking challenge of their lives, winning the challenge will supposedly grant them knowledge or wishes, failing will cost them their lives. The crew spreads out in the continuing search for ingredients to create the perf...


 2020-02-24  1h3m

episode 166: IN SPACE! | E18 - The Final Taste Test

The group is out of time to collect anymore ingredients for this amazing dish Bakto is requiring them to make for the cooking challenge. Will the group be able to complete the challenge and win the favor of Bakto? Or will they fail and be consumed by thi...


 2020-03-02  56m