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A weekly programme that illuminates the mysteries and challenges the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

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Therapeutic hypothermia; Cameras on Gaia; Methane; Wine microbiota

Adam Rutherford toasts microbial 'terroir', the fungi and bacteria that make grapes unique


 2013-11-28  27m

Bird Atlas; Flywheels; Energy capture; Science lessons for MPs

The citizen science army who've logged 19 million birds for the new UK Ireland Bird Atlas.


 2013-11-21  27m

DNA to ID typhoon victims; Volcanic ash; Hope for red squirrels; Robogut

How DNA matching techniques can help identify those who perished in Typhoon Haiyan.


 2013-11-14  27m

Personal genome; Solar cells and music; Asteroids; Alfred Russel Wallace

Dr Lucie Green on putting your sequenced DNA, your personal genome, on the internet.


 2013-11-07  27m

Moon dust; Electro-ceuticals; Soil and climate change; Dogs' tails

Dust in space - Dr Lucie Green on the LADEE Moon Mission and the perils of moon dirt.


 2013-10-31  27m

Nuclear Waste; Exoplanets; BBC time and pips, Synthetic Biology Olympics

Adam Rutherford asks how radioactive waste from Hinkley C nuclear plant will be dealt with


 2013-10-24  28m

Genetics and education; Golden Rice inventor; Chimp Chatter and Lightning Lab

Robert Plomin on why Michael Gove's advisor is right to highlight genetics in education.


 2013-10-17  27m

US shutdown; Nobels; New climate science; Airport heart attack headlines

With the US government on lockdown, Dr Adam Rutherford considers the risks for science.


 2013-10-10  27m

Menopause; IPCC; Fracking feedback; Particle accelerator; Zombie chemicals

Adam Rutherford explores the science behind the menopause and the uncertainty of science.


 2013-10-03  28m

Fracking FAQs; Fingerprint feedback; Lipstick forensics; Snake hook

Adam Rutherford tackles the subject of fracking in the UK, sorting myth from science fact.


 2013-09-26  27m