Bella In Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast

Pet business coaching topics covering a variety of subjects that aren't frequently discussed. Listen in to Bella, a pet business coaching from Jump Consulting, leading the discussion in a raw and transparent way.

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Episode #268: Your 50% Off Cyber Deal!

  What can a 50% off pet business cyber deal do for you? In this week’s Episode, I am going to tell you about the people that have been a part of the Mastermind and my Intensives and how it changed their business.



Episode 267: How To Make Time For YOU As A Busy Pet Business Owner During The Holidays

  Picture this: You are so busy you have clients lining up to get your amazing services for the holidays. You are so busy that you start to think.. wait what about my employees? How do I schedule this? What about those plans I made with my family?



Episode 266: The Magic Problem Solver: Subjective vs Objective Reality

  Do you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to setting your prices? What if I were to tell you this is only because of your thinking? Having the proper view of your thinking process can make difficult decisions like price increase...



Episode #265: How To Leverage Your Competition For More Sales

  Aaron Miller is going to join us to share a technique that has always helped him stay ahead of the sales game… How to use your competition to make your business better. Aaron has spent his life learning and mastering the art of sales and the psycholo...



Episode #264: The Trick To Be Confident In Closing Sales

  Aaron Miller is going to continue to share his in-depth knowledge of how to be confident with closing sales. He has been working in sales, marketing, and psychology for 20 years. Being top of his class in school he moved to the top of the workforce i...



Episode #263: One Secret To Winning Almost Every Sale

  Aaron Miller is going to share with you the secret to winning almost every sale and why this is so successful. He began sales management when he was 17 years old. Working through school and operation management he was top of his class in relationship...


 2021-10-21  25m

Episode #262: How To Train An Office Manager To Manage Your Facebook and Instagram

  Are you ready to have their office manager not just take over their social media but do it right? Social media can be hard to run and staying on top of the constant changes that come with it is even harder.


 2021-10-14  19m

Episode #261: Biggest Mistakes I See Pet Sitters Make On Facebook and Instagram

    Do you know if you are making mistakes on social media? Posting to social media can be hard especially when you feel like you can’t think or get creative when you need to. We are pet sitters and dog walkers, not writers, am I right?


 2021-10-07  14m

Episode 260: Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

  What if I told you that there is a good chance you are making some mistakes on your social media? You would probably lean in…because you know there is room for improvement, am I right? On this week’s episode,


 2021-09-30  16m

Episode #259: How To Make S*it Happen

  Are you ready to accomplish your goals? Today we are going to get real. Listen in as Bella is going to open up and really tell you how to make things happen in your pet sitting business. It is time to get inspired, get motivated, and take action!


 2021-09-23  20m