Bella In Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast

Pet business coaching topics covering a variety of subjects that aren't frequently discussed. Listen in to Bella, a pet business coaching from Jump Consulting, leading the discussion in a raw and transparent way.

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Episode 224 – 4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021

  4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021 Bella discusses 4 Massive Secrets to Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021 and moving forward after a pandemic influenced 2020. Pet business owners can maximize this time in their businesse...



Episode 223: How To Promote Inclusivity with a DEI Statement In Your Business

  The Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity in Your Business.   Hannah Boike is a hiring and recruiting professional with WalkerScout. WalkerScout is a unique RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) provider.



Episode 221: Will My PPP Loan Be Forgiven?

Many of you have gotten a PPP Loan with hopes that it would be forgiven. Currently, the 28 weeks have passed and you might have started to see some people starting to say my loan was FORGIVEN. What is this all about and how can you do the same?


 2020-12-10  26m

Episode 220: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Creating Our Own Video Training Series

Creating Video Training And It’s Process It’s not easy, we know it. Creating video training for your business is a lot of processes you need to think about, from the ideas, scripts, production team, supplies, post-editing,


 2020-12-03  25m

Episode 222: 4 Reasons To Be Happy That Rover Partnered with Walmart

Did you hear the news? Rover pet care actually partnered with Walmart. I’m going to tell you why there are four reasons why you as a professional dog walker and pet sitter should actually be happy in this as a pet sitting and dog walking business owner...


 2020-12-01  15m

Episode 219: Marketing Mistake: Are You Hiding The Best Kept Secret In Your Business?

Why The Market Is Saturated With Privately Owned Pet Care Companies Dying To Be A Top Dog and The Solution As an entrepreneur and business owner, everyone has a unique value proposition or what we call the “Secret Sauce”. Most of us don’t know,


 2020-11-19  20m

Episode 218: Why Most Video Training Doesn’t Work And The Solution

Why Most Video Training Doesn’t Work And The Solution As an entrepreneur and business owner you can customize your video training through various methods. But often, it’s cumbersome as you’re not a videographer or editor.


 2020-11-12  25m

Episode 217: Major Solutions and Problems to Video Training

  Major Problems and Solutions to Video Training   Pet Care Team Training is specific, streamlined, and simple engineered for the success of your employee onboarding. Its videos keep the viewers engaged and excited by throwing the right graphics and in...


 2020-11-05  22m

Episode 216: What You Need To Get Your Pet Business Out Of The Covid Crisis

Pet Business Covid Crisis Survive and Thrive Mastermnd The Pet Business Covid Crisis isn’t going away anytime soon. Things aren’t going back to normal. They will never be the same again. Consumer spending online is through the roof.


 2020-10-29  36m

Episode 215: Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers in Your Business with Jamie Trull

Financial Literacy Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers In Your Business with Jamie Trull   Jamie Trull is a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist. She’s fired up about helping small business owners overcome the overwhelm and anxiety of...


 2020-10-22  25m