Bella In Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast

Pet business coaching topics covering a variety of subjects that aren't frequently discussed. Listen in to Bella, a pet business coaching from Jump Consulting, leading the discussion in a raw and transparent way.

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Episode 299: Is Your Pet Sitting Software Working For Or Against You?

Jodi came to me wondering how she could get more clients. We took a look into her systems and found out that the way in which she is having people sign up was stopping the sale from happening. She was having to send UN and PW to a new user and while th...


 2022-07-14  15m

Episode 298: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Pet Sitting Software

Pet sitting software is a crucial aspect of running an efficient business. Many business owners find themselves either without software or paying for one they aren’t even using to its fullest potential. And as a business owner,


 2022-07-07  12m

Episode 297: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Job Share in 2022

Let’s talk about job share… Job sharing can actually be a GREAT thing… and you already are probably taking on BIGGER liability in your pet sitting and dog walking business. This episode will give insight into a different way of thinking.


 2022-06-30  14m

Episode 296: Think About This Before Your Next Price Increase!

Have you been thinking about increasing your pet sitting prices this year? Or have you recently increased your dog walking prices, and now you’re thinking it may not be enough… Charging the wrong amount can be the difference between a thriving business...


 2022-06-23  18m

Episode 295: How To Use an SOP for Your Pet Sitting Business

Does the thought of creating an SOP for your pet sitting business leave you feeling overwhelmed? Or have you hired an office manager but had that completely blow up in your face due to the lack of an SOP? Or even worse,


 2022-06-16  20m

Episode 294: 4 Horrendous Mistakes Many Pet Business Owners Make With Their CPA

If I asked you today, “how do your books look?” or “did you have any big surprises from your taxes?” would either of those questions confuse you? Scare you? Leave you feeling a bit unsure? That might sound invasive, but to evaluate your business,


 2022-06-09  20m

Episode 293: 4 Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make When Hiring An Office Manager

Do you have an organizational chart in your pet sitting company? Running a pet sitting or dog walking company means that every day is filled with duties big and small, and an office manager is a huge asset when it comes to helping run your business.


 2022-06-02  17m

Episode 292: Staff Members Leave The Manager, Not The Job

Do you feel like you have a high turnover? Have you ever thought about why you have turnover? Do you know? Is it because of seasonal employees? young staff members moving on? or even life situations? Maybe so!


 2022-05-26  19m

Episode 291: The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

Take a moment with me if you will and think about your staff. Do you have a rockstar staff member? Someone who is your number one, most reliable member? And what would your business look like if everyone on the team was just like this rockstar?


 2022-05-19  20m

Episode 290 How To Attract Multiple Applicants To Your Business

You have put in the hours to get your business booming right now. Perfected your onboarding and training. Put the correct positions in place and posted those job listings. You are ready for future employees to come knocking on your door!


 2022-05-12  18m