Bella In Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast

Pet business coaching topics covering a variety of subjects that aren't frequently discussed. Listen in to Bella, a pet business coaching from Jump Consulting, leading the discussion in a raw and transparent way.

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Episode 289 Taking A Stand, Trolls, & Leaving Your Business For 6 Months….. Personal Stories With Receipts!

They say to not believe everything you read online, but what would it look like if you did? Because there are many out there online spreading bad info and giving out bad advice. They are spewing slander and stating there is no way you can accomplish th...


 2022-05-05  34m

Episode 288: 3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Pet Businesses Make During Onboarding And Training

Are you trying desperately to hire? Do you feel like you can’t find anyone? Does no one apply? Follows through? Ghosts you? Or quits right after they start? These problems are running rampant in the industry and it is probably because of one of these t...


 2022-04-28  12m

Episode 287: Secure Your Support System For The Upcoming Pet Business Changes

As summer approaches, trends in the pet business world are getting ready for some big changes. Business, if it hasn’t already, will start booming, and while that may be so exciting are you ready for it? Does your business have a solid foundation with a...


 2022-04-21  24m

Episode 286: The Biggest Part Of Social Media That Everyone Is Missing

Social media has become an important part of marketing, but many people are missing the biggest part: outreach 98% of people are neglecting this element of their social media strategy and then are surprised when they are not finding success in growing ...


 2022-04-14  20m

Episode 285: 3 Types Of Pet Businesses That Need To Have Their Social Media Popping!

If you have been following along our theme of social media, you know just how important of a role it plays in your business. I think it is safe to say that at one point or another you have cyberstalker companies to learn more about them. Well,


 2022-04-07  20m

Episode 284: Why You Are Not Getting Return On Your Social Media Investment

Do you ever find yourself posting on social media wondering “Is this really worth it?” Is it really worth your time and effort posting, in hopes you will get growth for your business? Does social media really work? I am here to tell you, yes,


 2022-03-31  18m

Episode 283: How To Tell If Your Social Media Manager Is Worth Their Pay

        Have you ever hired (or have been thinking about hiring) someone to manage your social media? Do you know what you should be looking for? Are you worried you won’t get your money’s worth out of the job? Today,


 2022-03-24  25m

Episode 282: How To Be A Good Business Leader And Juggle Parenting Duties: Spring Break Edition

Balancing parent life while running a business is super easy…. said no one ever!! In reality, if you are a parent, you know how HARD it really is and all the struggles you have to go through to make it work.


 2022-03-17  23m

Episode 281: Are You in A Toxic Relationship With Your Business?

      If someone were to ask you today “Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?” what would be the first thing to come to mind? When we think of a toxic relationship, we often think of it as either a romantic relationship or even a friendship.


 2022-03-10  24m

Episode 280: 8 Considerations To Make Your Website A Selling Machine

What do you think pet parents want to see when they go to your website? Do they want to feel like they are being sold? Talked at? Or trying to figure out how they might fit INTO your company? Do you think they might feel overwhelmed,


 2022-03-03  21m