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Fire & Ice: Tips, Tricks & Biohacks To Maximize The Benefits Of Sauna, Hyperthermia, Cryotherapy & Cold Thermogenesis.

Ever wonder how hot your sauna should be? The benefits of dry vs. infrared? Things you can use to heat up the body or enhance detoxification more during the use of heat? How about how cold a cold shower or cold bath should be? What kind of hacks...


 2020-12-17  1h12m

One Comprehensive Health Test To Rule Them All? How To Get An At-A-Glance "Clarity" Report Of Your Genetic Age, Death Risk, Gut Health, Ideal Diet, Exercise, Sleep & Much More.

Drs. Matt Dawson and Mike Mallin are multi-time repeat podcast guests on my show, and the lead physicians at , with locations and physicians spread all across the United States. I first interviewed these guys in the episode " then again in "",...


 2020-12-12  1h20m

Q&A 421: Microdosing With LSD, Fish Oil & Omega-6 Fatty Acid Confusion Cleared, The Latest Coffee Research, Staying Fit In Your Car & Much More!

News Flashes –  for more… Microdosing alert. ...04:00 Yay for coffee! ...08:48 Concerned about arsenic in brown rice? ...10:52 Well, I guess I won't be drinking Pellegrino anymore: ...13:52 Listener Q&A: Can You Get Vitamin D...


 2020-12-10  1h14m

 2020-12-10  1m

Inside The Bizarre World & Strange Science of Exercise Recovery: What Works, What Doesn't & Why Many Studies Are Flawed.

In recent years recovery has become a sports and fitness buzzword. Anyone who works out or competes at any level is bombarded with the latest recovery products and services: from drinks and shakes to compression sleeves, foam rollers,...


 2020-12-05  1h11m

The South African Performance Expert Who Blends Biohacking, Biomechanics, Body, Mind, Relationships, Environment & Beyond To Optimize Human Performance.

My guest on today's show is a man I met in India and immediately became intrigued with when he sat down to dinner with me and a friend, and began to delve into unlocking flow states in athletes through breath work. It turns out he had over two decades...


 2020-12-03  1h19m

Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time (So Is Cardio & There’s a Better Way to Have The Body You Want).       Perhaps you've been lifting weights for a few years. But do you even look like you work out? Are you spending disproportionate amounts of hours exercising wasting your time? Many fitness...


 2020-11-28  1h5m

This Doctor Has A "Stealth Strategy To Stop COVID Cold": A Breaking Interview With A Controversial Alternative Health Figure On Vitamin D, COVID-19, Sunshine, Vitamin K2, Magnesium & Much More!.   My guest on today's podcast is a multi-time, incredibly popular repeat guest, and hosts one of the most popular alternative health website on the internet. He is my brilliant and controversial friend Dr....


 2020-11-26  1h5m

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Fish Oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, EPA, DHA & Much More! After publishing my recent giant fish oil article , I've been getting plenty of questions about fish oil lately, including: -Based on human clinical research, what are the actual proven benefits of...


 2020-11-21  1h17m

Q&A 420: Which Stimulants Are Safe To Take At Night, Maximizing Benefits Of Cold Thermogenesis, When To Do Blood Flow Restriction Training & More!

News Flashes  -Ireland's Supreme Court has ruled that bread sold by the fast food chain Subway contains so much sugar that it cannot be legally defined as bread...05:15         Cold water swimming may protect the brain from...


 2020-11-19  1h0m