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Killing Mold & Mycotoxins For Good, The Craziest IV's You Can Get For Energy, Fixing Knees & Back Without Surgery & Much More With Dr. Matt Cook

Dr. Matthew Cook is one of the most brilliant physicians I know, bar none. Whether you need to fix Lyme, mold, or mycotoxin issues, completely repair a knee or back issue without surgery, or get the most advanced anti-aging and longevity treatments...


 2019-10-03  1h18m

 2019-09-28  1h22m

Unschooling, Plant Medicine, Anti-Aging, Veganism vs. Carnivore & More With The Mindpump Guys!

Every so often, I get together with my fellow fitness-freak podcasting friends – the good fellas from the MindPump studios – and we take a rather rough around the edges, occasionally drug or alcohol infused, definitely entertaining and edgy foray...


 2019-09-26  1h26m

What Time Of Day Can You Eat A "Cheat Meal", How Cold Can Make You Unstoppable, Lies We've Been Led To Believe About Sunlight & Much More!

Ben Greenfield and Matt Maruca each present their own "solosode" on all things sunlight, harmful blue light, and much more


 2019-09-21  2h34m

Why Water, Sunlight, Grounding & Relationships Are The Key To Your Health & How To Feed, Clean & Protect Your Body Forever: An Interview With Ben Greenfield's Father Gary Greenfield

Gary Greenfield is... father... ...a leading expert in the field of water filtration... ...and a deep well of knowledge I've relied upon for the past 37 years of my life. He's also, obviously, responsible for my very existence. During this...


 2019-09-19  1h36m

The Biggest Common Keto Mistakes (& How to Fix Every Metabolic Problem With A Low-Carb Diet In Just 7 Seconds)

My guests on today's show are coming back for a three-peat. They first appeared in the episode... "Probiotic Enemas, Digestive Enzyme Myths, Breathing 10 Kilograms of Oxygen, Low-Protein Diets & More!..." Then appeared again in... ..."How I’ve...


 2019-09-14  1h25m

episode 1087: 403: Teeth Care Tactics, How To Time Your Protein For Muscle Gain, Biohacking Night Shift Work & Much More!

Ben Greenfield and cohost Jay Wiles dish on the latest and greatest news in the health and fitness world, plus answer questions submitted by listeners of the show!


 2019-09-12  1h19m

episode 1086: My New #1 Hack For Zapping Inflammation, Increasing Deep Sleep & Recovering Faster - Earthing (The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?)

Guest Clint Ober and Ben Greenfield discuss Earthing, Grounding and its benefits


 2019-09-07  1h26m

402: What's Worse For The Planet - Vegetarianism or Carnivore?, How To Recover From A TBI/ or Concussion Fast & Much More!

Ben Greenfield and Jay Wiles dish on the latest and greatest news in the world of health and fitness


 2019-09-05  1h24m

 2019-08-31  1h4m