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episode 229: Does Weight Training Count As Cardio?

As I write this post, I am grimacing. My chest hasn't been this sore since back when I was doing more lifting (that's me above, a few days before I did my first triathlon and decided I had too much muscle to comfortably do cardio-style racing)....


 2012-07-21  44m

episode 227: Some Of The Craziest Superfoods You’ve Never Heard Of.

Meet vegan ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll. If you've read this blog for a few months, you may recall Rich from the article I published on "How To Be Extremely Active And Eat A Plant-Based Diet Without Destroying Your Body." Rich just wrote a book...


 2012-07-14  38m

episode 223: Why More Kids Are Getting Exercise Induced Asthma, and What You Can Do About It.

It broke my heart. I was out hiking with my twin boys earlier this month, and suddenly realized that only one boy was by my side. I looked back. The second little guy was standing halfway up the hill behind us, bent over at the waist and struggling to...


 2012-07-02  33m

episode 221: How You’re Being Manipulated By The Sports Drink Industry And What You Can Do About It.

We've been lied to by the sports drink industry, including "reputable" companies like Gatorade. And people are dying because of it, especially during endurance events like marathons and triathlons. So what can you do about it? You're about to find...


 2012-06-20  38m

episode 220: How To Get 2 Hours Of Exercise In Just 20 Minutes.

Yes, I know the picture above looks extremely geeky and slightly intimidating, but what if you could replicate the effects of a 2 hour hard bike ride with about 20 minutes of training? Using technology designed to help NASA astronauts get fitter...


 2012-06-18  32m

episode 219: How You Can Use Cold Thermogenesis To Perform Like Lance Armstrong And Michael Phelps

If you haven't heard, Lance Armstrong was recently accused of doping. But as I mentioned in the article "Ben Greenfield Admits To Using Performance Enhancing Drugs", there are safe and natural strategies that go above and beyond banned practices such...


 2012-06-15  43m

episode 217: How Something Called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Make You Sleep Like A Baby (And Do Much More Than That).

My wife makes fun of me. - She calls me a "sleep princess". - This is probably because I've been really geeking out on how to sleep better. After all, it's during sleep that we experience a significant amount of  repair, recovery,


 2012-06-08  49m

episode 215: How To Reduce The Risk From Swimming in Chlorinated Pools and Drinking Chlorinated Water.

I personally swim 3-4 times per week.The pool I swim in is chlorinated. I also shower every day, in water that has been chlorinated by the city of Spokane, where I live. How about you? How much chlorine are you exposed to? If you’re a swimmer or...


 2012-05-25  44m

episode 212: A Quick Announcement From Ben

Ben stopped into the home office during a quick 10 hour layover en route from the Wildflower triathlon in California (pictured above) to the Superhuman workshop in Dubai, and recorded a short audio for you in lieu of the normally scheduled weekly...


 2012-05-09  3m

episode 211: How You Can Use Sound And Music To Change Your Brain Waves With Laser Accuracy And Achieve Huge Focus And Performance Gains.

Most of us know that workout songs and music can help you to exercise harder. But if you understand how sound and music actually change your brain waves, you can use this knowledge to alter your mental and physical performance states with laser...


 2012-05-05  46m