Bethel Church Sermon of the Week

Bethel Church is a community of believers led by pastor Bill Johnson in Redding, California. We are passionate about God and people.

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Put On Love

The best way to get through hard times is together. Candace Johnson teaches us some practical ways to love those hurting around us. Put on the God's kindness, compassion, and love.



Intentional Intimacy

One of the greatest ways to sustain intimacy with God is to have an intentional structure in our time with Him. Young Adults Pastor, Chris Cruz, challenges us on how to develop intimacy with God. Our emotional and spiritual health are priorities we must develop daily.



The War of the Worlds

  There is a war on who gets to shape history. Kris Vallotton encourages us to be aware of the authority we have as sons and daughters of God on the earth. With Divine wisdom, God will provide a path to holy solutions.




  As followers of Jesus, we are called to step into a broken culture and engage it with divine peace and wisdom. Pastor Eric Johnson challenges us to pray, get educated, and step into society. Allow God to shape your worldview and begin to do what He is doing right now.



Holy Spirit Unity

Diversity is required for biblical unity. Pastor Bill Johnson explains to us what God has to say about unity and the part we have to make it a reality. We are not only living to live in comfort and pleasure, but to make a difference!


 2020-05-31  47m

The Importance of Worship

Pastor Bill Johnson sits and talks to Brian Johnson about how to position our hearts to worship in the midst of a pandemic. When in doubt, worship!


 2020-05-24  38m

Reset and Reboot

The coronavirus has forced the world into a reset. Eric Johnson challenges us to ask ourselves what are the things that we will welcome back to our lives and to continually seek God’s perspective.


 2020-05-17  37m

Encountering the God of Revival

  This message is part 3 of the series, God of Revival. Candace Johnson encourages us to encounter God and receive the transformation that comes from Him. We pray that you experience fresh encounters today!


 2020-05-10  29m

Personal Revival

  This message is part 2 of the series, God of Revival. This week, Kris Vallotton teaches us the power of personal revival. Revival in the church begins with a revival in our own hearts.


 2020-05-03  32m

Paying the Price for Revival

This message is part 1 of the series, God of Revival. This week, Bill Johnson teaches on the price of revival. Where we are going, not one generation can reach. We must embrace whatever it may look like.


 2020-04-26  41m