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Bethel Church is a community of believers led by pastor Bill Johnson in Redding, California. We are passionate about God and people.

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Obeying Your Way to Great Faith

What God says has to be brought into practical human experience. Bill Johnson teaches us how to steward the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus. It is the Word of God that brings clarity and life to us.



The Responsibility of Reformation

What is a faithful servant's reward? Kris Vallotton discusses the parable of the minas and what to expect from the Lord when we're faithful with what He's asked us to do. Be prepared for a fresh perspective and let's all position ourselves to rise and be effective in our purpose.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.



Values Create Atmosphere

There are always measurable behavioral changes that illustrate what we believe. Bill Johnson walks us through the four cornerstones of thought. God is good. Nothing is impossible with God. Jesus settled everything at Calvary. I am significant.



Fish Out of Water

Eric Metaxas, a bestselling author, shares the testimony of his salvation. The Lord speaks to us in the secret vocabulary of our hearts. He is pursuing us always.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.



Bonded in Battle

Healthy bonding is critical for a fulfilling life. Kris Vallotton uses few Biblical stories to help illustrate what healthy bonding within family and friends looks like. Healthy connection and bonding protects and guides our compassion for each other.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.


 2021-04-11  38m

Hearing Leads to Faith

  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Bill Johnson teaches how to recognize the voice of God. His voice is not limited by our comprehension. He is always talking to us.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.


 2021-04-04  40m

A Resurrection Needs a Cross

Familiarity can create resistance in our understanding of what God is doing. Bill Johnson challenges us to return to what brought us to where we are today. Let us continue to be hungry for more of God.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.


 2021-03-28  38m

Loving Like God

Only love is transformational. Kris Vallotton explains that whether transformation is needed personally, organizationally, or regionally, love expressed individual to individual is the key. As the church, it is our responsibility to extend love to one another.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.


 2021-03-21  49m

War-like Prayers

In the same way we are designed to be a living instrument that perceives God, we have been designed to influence His heart. Bill Johnson teaches us the importance of abiding prayer. We engage with God to make a difference on Earth.   Audio translated by Bethel Media Translations.


 2021-03-14  47m

The Coming Reformers Part 3

  What you believe about the end has everything to do with how you behave in the middle. Kris Vallotton continues his message of the coming reformers. Because of our trust in Jesus, we have hope for the future.


 2021-03-07  47m