The BTR.ORG Podcast - Betrayal Trauma Recovery - has daily, online group and individual coaching sessions for victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion. For women experiencing pain, chaos, and isolation due to their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic abuse. We recognize that labeling a woman as codependent is a form of victim blaming. Pornography addiction / sex addiction are a domestic abuse issue. Narcissistic abuse is not a communication issue. We help women who are in a relationship, separated, or divorced navigate to recover and heal by establishing safety through boundaries. If you suspect your husband is a narcissist, a pornography addict, or emotionally abusive, this podcast is for you. We care about your mental health. Every woman on our team has experienced abuse and betrayal trauma first hand. To learn more about Betrayal Trauma Recovery, visit BTR.ORG

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Find Support For Emotional Abuse

If you're a victim of betrayal trauma and emotional abuse, you need support. Come find the community you deserve today.



Patriarchy Harms Women: Here’s How

Have you been raised in a high-control religion, or other system that enables abuse? Learn about how patriarchy has harmed you and begin seeking safety.



How Fundamentalism & Patriarchy Fuel Abuse

When women are treated as "less than," no matter how subtle the treatment may be, abuse thrives. Fundamentalist religious groups are notoriously misogynistic.



Mind-Blowing Truth: Good Men Exist! ????

If you're wondering whether or not good men ACTUALLY exist, then you're in the right place. Gretchen Baskerville is back on the BTR.ORG podcast.



episode 260: A Glimpse Into Single Life Post-Divorce

Are you reluctant to pursue a life-saving divorce because of the harmful myths that inundate us regarding divorce and the single-life?


 2023-01-03  24m

episode 259: Does "God Hate Divorce"?

Letting go of deeply ingrained, toxic religious teachings can be difficult - but BTR.ORG is here for you. Emily is on the podcast.


 2022-12-27  34m

I Think My Husband’s Lying To Me

Things aren't adding up... There's a feeling that something is "off"... and that blank stare on his face - is your husband lying to you? Emily's on the podcast


 2022-12-20  25m

Do I Tell My Husband He’s Abusing Me?

When you know it's abuse, should you tell your husband? Leslie is back on the BTR podcast and we're taking a deep dive into your next steps.


 2022-12-13  25m

The Truth About “Reactive Abuse”

"Reactive Abuse" isn't real - what IS real? Abusers pushing and pushing until victims reach their limit and respond with Protective Action.


 2022-12-06  19m

episode 255: What Do Abuse Victims Look Like?

Abuse victims come in all shapes, sizes, religions, and economic demographics - Leslie is a successful doctor sharing her story.


 2022-11-29  31m