Betrayal Trauma Recovery - Betrayal Trauma Recovery is an online, daily support group for victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion. Join a live session today. For women experiencing pain, chaos, and isolation due to their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic abuse. Codependency or labeling a woman as codependent is a form of victim blaming. Pornography addiction / sex addiction are a domestic abuse issue. Narcissistic abuse is not a communication issue. We help women who are in a relationship, separated, or divorced navigate to recover and heal by establishing safety through boundaries. If you suspect your husband is a narcissist, a pornography addict, or emotionally abusive, this podcast is for you. Every woman on our team has experienced abuse and betrayal trauma first hand. For past podcasts visit our website:

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Guided Meditation Can Empower Victims Of Emotional And Psychological Abuse

When a woman has been emotionally and psychologically abused, she can feel powerless. Coach Peggy shares how guided meditation can help her find her power and get to safety.



How Meditation Can Restore Your Creativity And Help You Heal From Emotional Abuse

Betrayed and abused women often lose a lot, including their creativity. Coach Peggy shares how meditation can help a woman restore her creativity and heal.



Betrayal Trauma: The Beginners’ Guide To Great Self-Care

Betrayed women have a hard time learning to take care of themselves again. Trish White shares the 4 Essential Components of Great Self-Care for beginners.



Self-Care In The Early Stages Of Betrayal Trauma

When a woman has been betrayed, self-care is the last thing on her mind, but it's the most important thing she can do for her own healing. Trish White explains why.



The Top 5 Reasons You Should Join Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

“If there is any silver lining that comes with betrayal trauma, it’s the relationships that grow among those who understand and walk this road together.” - Coach Laura, Betrayal Trauma Recovery


 2020-06-02  18m

Trauma Mama: Picturing Emotional And Psychological Abuse

Explaining the effects of emotional and psychological abuse to someone else is nearly impossible, especially when you're still trying to figure it out yourself! Anne Blythe presents Trauma Mama Husband Drama!


 2020-05-26  29m

Healing Hidden Bruises: When The Scars Start Aching

Deep cuts, broken bones, broken hearts or hidden bruises, any of these can hurt again years after they've healed. Shannon Thomas talks about resurfacing trauma and what to do with it.


 2020-05-19  21m

The Hidden Bruises Of Emotional And Psychological Abuse

There are no physical bruises, scars, or blood, but the pain is real. Shannon Thomas talks about hidden abuses and the 6 Stages to Heal From Hidden Abuse.


 2020-05-12  23m

Tales From A Trauma Mama – In Pictures!

Trauma Mama Husband Drama, written by Anne Blythe and Illustrated by Cristalwolf Lobazul. Scheduled for release on June 1, 2020. Now available for pre-order at


 2020-05-05  5m

4 Things You Need To Survive Divorcing An Emotional Abuser

Divorce isn't something any woman really wants, but sometimes it's the best or safest option for an abused woman. Coach Debra talks about the 4 things you need to survive.


 2020-04-28  16m