Betrayal Trauma Recovery - Betrayal Trauma Recovery is an online, daily support group for victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion. Join a live session today. For women experiencing pain, chaos, and isolation due to their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic abuse. Codependency or labeling a woman as codependent is a form of victim blaming. Pornography addiction / sex addiction are a domestic abuse issue. Narcissistic abuse is not a communication issue. We help women who are in a relationship, separated, or divorced navigate to recover and heal by establishing safety through boundaries. If you suspect your husband is a narcissist, a pornography addict, or emotionally abusive, this podcast is for you. Every woman on our team has experienced abuse and betrayal trauma first hand. For past podcasts visit our website:

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7 Powerful Truths About Emotional Abuse You Need to Know Today

Myths about emotional abuse enable abusers to keep abusing victims. The 7 Powerful Truths About Emotional Abuse help victims find safety.


 2020-09-15  18m

Why Does Sex Hurt? (It’s Not What You Think)

Sexual abuse causes pelvic and sexual pain. Learn how to identify sexual abuse in your marriage and begin healing today.


 2020-09-08  32m

Uncover 3 Disturbing Tactics Emotional Abusers Use & Stop The Cycle

When victims can identify abuse, they can make informed decisions about their safety and health. Learn 3 tactics abusers use, and why they are so powerful.


 2020-09-01  28m

You Are Not Crazy: Pornography Is Emotional Abuse

Victims of abusive pornography users may wonder if they are overreacting, but they aren't: pornography use is abusive. Support, safety, and self-care can help women find healing.


 2020-08-25  18m

Is Pornography A Public Health Crisis?

Pornography is a human rights issue, an abuse issue, and a public health crisis.


 2020-08-18  21m

How To Get To Safety From Emotional Abuse

Victims of emotional abuse deserve safety: a guide to victims on seeking safety from an abusive relationship.


 2020-08-11  27m

My Husband is Lying to Me: Is This Emotional Abuse?

Victims of emotional abuse say that lies and manipulation are one of the most damaging pieces of the abuse they endure.


 2020-08-04  25m

Is Emotional Abuse a Domestic Abuse Issue?

Resources to get you started: Join our online support group: Connect with us on Facebook: Connect with us on Instagram: Subscribe to the podcast:


 2020-07-28  30m

A Covert Emotional And Psychological Abuser Can Be Dangerous

Being emotionally and psychologically abused is harmful enough, but is it more dangerous when the abuser doesn't yell at his victim? Sarah shares her story.


 2020-07-21  41m

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Can Support You Where You Are

Many women have a difficult time finding the right support for betrayal trauma and emotional & psychological abuse. Nikki shares how BTR Group supports her when there's no support where she lives.


 2020-07-14  27m