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Do YOU have an insatiable desire for more Breaking Bad characters? Better Cast Saul! Having trouble sleeping through your withdrawals? Better Cast Saul! Join Jim and Alexis as we talk about the Saul Goodman-focused prequel to Breaking Bad.

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Series Wrapup

It Saul over so Alexis and I are here one last time to give voice to the listeners as they say what they show meant to them and judge once and for all which is the better show, Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 August 25, 2022  1h47m

episode 13: Saul Gone

It's high stakes, high rewards in the series finale of Better Call Saul. Will Jimmy escape the consequences of his actions? Will he come clean and learn from his mistakes? And will Alexis spend her next birthday at Red Lobster? Join us for the podcast to find out the answers to these questions, as well as what we thought of the episode, Saul Gone. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 August 18, 2022  1h33m

episode 12: Waterworks

S06E12 "Waterworks" is the episode of Better Call Saul we've been waiting for. Great final arcs for our favorite characters and events coming to a head are what it's all about. Join us for this mega podcast to talk about everything Waterworks. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 August 11, 2022  2h7m

episode 11: Breaking Bad

We might be in the minority on this one... but this was not the episode we were hoping for just 2 weeks from the end Better Call Saul. Join us for the podcast while we try to sort out our feelings and justify to ourselves why we feel the way we do. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 August 4, 2022  1h40m

episode 10: Nippy

It's Gene Week on Better Call Saul S06E10 "Nippy" which means the entire episode is shot in black and white. However, neither the filming choices or sad sack Gene are able to drain all the color out of this vibrant scam-filled episode. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 July 28, 2022  1h33m

episode 9: Fun and Games

This week's episode is one of the best of the series. It recontextualizes everything we thought we knew about our characters in a way that I thought was impossible. Join us for the podcast as we dive into what happened and where that leaves us. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 July 21, 2022  1h39m

episode 8: Point and Shoot

Better Call Saul is back for its final 6 episodes with Point and Shoot, an episode where nearly everything is preordained and yet, it's somehow still builds incredible tension. Join us for the podcast where we discuss the big events as well as what comes next. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 July 14, 2022  1h23m

episode 7: Plan and Execution

The mid-season finale was a serious mind-blower with "Jim and Kimmy's" plan to take down Howard coming to fruition and Gus's stalker Lalo, showing up where he's not wanted. Join us for the podcast to hear our thoughts before the 6-week break until the final stretch of Better Call Saul. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 May 26, 2022  1h34m

episode 6: Axe and Grind

This many setup episodes is unusual for Better Call Saul, and it has a lot of people tapping their foot and looking at their watches. But there's more to this one than just setup. We get a lot of mileage out of a Kim cold-open and Jimmy has never been more Saul than he is here. Join us for the podcast to hear our full thoughts on Axe and Grind. Check out https://support.baldmove...


 May 19, 2022  1h29m

episode 5: Black and Blue

Another setup episode has us tapping our foot like a prostitute-loving lawyer on cocaine wondering when we'll get to the good stuff. And it's not that the episode isn't good, it's just that anticipation of Howard's downfall is killing us. But while the Kim and Jimmy plot taketh away, the Lalo plot finally arrives to giveth, with a forehead-slappingly obvious continuation that somehow managed to be a complete surprise. Join us for the podcast to hear our full thoughts. Check out https://support...


 May 12, 2022  1h23m