Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Travel the world with Flight Attendant Betty!!! This is a airline and travel podcast with funny stories from the airplane and around the world!! I actually have a book coming out...if go to my website you can find out more about the book and e-book!

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episode 21: The Bellringers

Episode 21 What is a Bellringer you ask?  A Bellringer is a type of airline passenger who rings and rings the flight attendant call bell... and can't associate the the action of pushing the button and the resulting ding! We hear about alot of...


 2006-08-07  25m

episode 20: Off the Beaten Runway

Episode 20 This show has great stories about crewmembers and passengers who are shall we say "colorful" or "interesting"!  At the end of the episode we actually have an ax wielding Captain! Contact...  Music by   "Strange People"...


 2006-07-12  20m

19 The Witch and the Famous

The Witch and the Famous


 2006-06-22  30m

episode 18: Watch Your Back

Episode 18 Flight Attendants and Pilots spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and this episode brings us stories of hotel burglars...strange things lost and found in hotel rooms...and a couple naked hotel room incidents. When your traveling... it's...


 2006-06-05  22m

episode 17: Kids on a Plane

Episode 17 This episode features funny stories of kids on the plane.  The title is in reference to the upcoming movie that is getting great press..."Snakes on a Plane."  Actually one of the stories has kids and snakes on a plane. Music...


 2006-05-05  20m

episode 16: It's the Bomb

Episode 16 In this episode we hear scary stories.  Some are funny scary and others are truely scary like the captain having a heart attack inflight.  And the last's the bomb! Music by   "Bombs Away" by Toke Squaly  


 2006-04-14  32m

episode 15: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Episode 15 In this episode we hear funny stories about generalizations about all types of different people.. and ask...can't we all just get along? Music by "Everything Good" performed by Twintwelve (I really like their music!)  ...


 2006-03-26  24m

episode 14: It's in the Air 2

Episode 14 This episode brings us stories from the air...we have some swearing in the air, a cat and a mouse in the air, some pilot competitions and a truely embarassing moment in the air. At the end of the episode we hear the second part of the...


 2006-02-26  25m

episode 13: It's in the Air

Episode 13 Because of the amount of time Flight Attendants and Pilots spend in flying...alot happens in the air. In this episode we about... love in the air, being lost in the air, and needing a doctor in the air. Then at the end of the episode we...


 2006-02-12  26m

episode 12: People Are Strange

Episode 12 People are strange, a little odd and crazy. We hear about some strange passengers, an odd pilot and then I tell one of my favorite travel stories. You will probably think I'm crazy after you hear this story of a camel trek in the Sahara...


 2006-01-17  27m