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Good questions. Great guests. Few beers... Steve and Seamus like asking good questions. And they love good answers. After over 20 years of friendship, they bought a microphone and started a podcast, allowing them to sit with, and learn from, the most interesting people they can access. From Olympic rowing legend Eric Murray, to media personality Mike Lane, and events creator David Higgins, Between Two Beers has produced countless hours of incredible stories, career highs, lows and moments of raw vulnerability. And it’s only the beginning. The ACC - The Alternative Commentary Collective.

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episode 119: Awen Guttenbeil: Lessons from my island

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Awen Gutenbeil. 

You may know Awen as one of New Zealand’s greatest rugby league players, with 170 caps for the Warriors over a professional career that spanned 15 years. What you might not know, is that in the first five years of his career he spent more time under general anesthetic then he did on the field...


 2023-03-19  1h54m

episode 118: Guyon Espiner: Mastering the art of the interview

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Guyon Espiner. 

Guyon is one of New Zealand’s most highly respected journalists and has worked in print, radio and television for more than 20 years, as a reporter, political editor and anchor. 

He has reported on trade from China, on war from Afghanistan, on politics from Washington, and on climate change from Antarctica...


 2023-03-12  1h17m

episode 117: Guy Williams: The wild world of Kiwi comedy

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Guy Williams. 

Guy is one of New Zealand’s best-known comedians who has worked on many of New Zealand’s biggest TV shows. 

He was a co-host on Jono and Ben, a radio DJ at The Edge, featured on shows like Come Dine With Me, The Extra Factor and Taskmaster and for the last four years has been working on his critically acclaimed show New Zealand Today...


 2023-03-04  1h49m

episode 116: Lisa Carrington: Inside the mind of a champion

On this episode of Between two Beers we talk to Dame Lisa Carrington. 

Lisa is New Zealand’s most successful Olympian of all time with five Olympic gold medals in the sprint Kayak, one bronze and 12 World Championship titles. 

For over a decade, Lisa has been the best in the world at her sport and after listening to this conversation it will become clear why...


 2023-02-26  1h29m

Paddy Gower: This is the f***in news (re-release)

On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re rewinding the clock back to September of 2021 when we sat down with Paddy Gower.  

Paddy is one of New Zealand’s most senior journalists with over 22 years in all forms of journalism. He’s been newshub’s political editor, an award-winning investigative journalist in  print and broadcasting – has covered warzones and major world events, has hosted leaders debates and is a documentary maker raising issues of national signficance...


 2023-02-19  1h52m

episode 115: Marc Ellis: How to walk with Kings

On this episode of Between Two Beers, we talk to Marc Ellis. 

Marc has done enough in his life to have an episode dedicated to each chapter. 

He played rugby for Otago, North Harbour, Blues, Highlanders and All Blacks and League for the Warriors and Kiwis, founded Charlie’s juice company – which after 10 years he sold to Asahi for $129 million, and was one of New Zealand’s top television stars for over a decade...


 2023-02-12  1h33m

episode 114: Dave Wood: How to stay calm under pressure

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Dave Wood. 

Dave is a human performance specialist who works with some of the world’s most elite athletes to make them better at their job.  

He is currently Israel Adesanya’s breathing and mindset coach, and in a recent interview Adesanya said Wood ‘opened his eyes’ to the power of breathwork...


 2023-02-05  1h45m

episode 113: Melodie Robinson: Blazing a trail to the top

Melodie is a Kiwi trailblazer, with a CV as good as any that have come across the BTB desk.

She’s won two rugby World Cups with the Black Ferns, worked at parliament as a journalist, was the first female rugby commentator in the world, perfected her craft across 15 years at SKY before becoming a communications executive – and she is now TVNZ’s General Manager, Sport and Events.

She also has an MBA from Auckland uni, two sons and is married to one of New Zealand’s best golf pros...


 2023-01-29  1h34m

episode 112: Mike Minogue: The big second act

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Mike Minogue.  

Mike is a talented man. He’s a creator, writer, producer and actor, a star of the Big Show on Radio Hauraki, and a member of The Alternative Commentary Collective. 

You also might have seen him in What We Do in The Shadows, or as the lead character Officer Minogue in the spinoff TV show Wellington Paranormal -  and he’s recently produced the critically acclaimed film Coming Home in the Dark...


 2023-01-22  1h36m

episode 111: Paul Henry: How I became NZ's biggest broadcaster

Paul Henry was one of New Zealand’s last great broadcasting celebrities.

He was a radio broadcaster through the 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2004 that he became a household name. His seven-year tenure on Breakfast saw ratings soar and he boasted the type of star power at his peak that just doesn’t exist in broadcasting anymore. But alongside the fame were a number of on-air controversies that followed his career...


 2023-01-14  1h40m