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A podcast dedicated to the strange, the macabre, the conspiratorial and all things supernatural. Hosted by Dan Martson and Lee Errett. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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episode 6: Boos, Brews and Buckeyes. Haunted Columbus!

The boys are joined by William Haynes, a certified tour guide to talk about his favorite haunts in Columbus, Ohio. What mysteries does the Buckeye state hold, Beyonders? We find out more about this gem of the Midwest, talk history, football and dirty politics in this Halloween tour of Columbus! Wanna find out more? Check out William at

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episode 5: You're the Only Ten I See: Ghosts of Tennessee

Welcome Beyonders to a special Halloween flavored episode bursting with local ghost stories from the Volunteer State. Tennessee is the home of Beyond Terrestrial and the boys are proud to share tales of haunted history from each major region of the state...



episode 4: Catching the Fast Food Killer

Paul Dennis Reid Jr.



episode 3: Paul Reid Jr: Making the Fast Food Killer

In 1997 a string of murder robberies rocked Middle Tennessee. The criminal chose restaurants as his target and was dubbed the Fast Food Killer in the press. But was the man responsible formed into a killer by his upbringing or just born with an unnatural capacity for evil? Dan takes Lee on a deep dive into the history and crimes of Paul Reid Jr. on a heavy episode of Beyond Terrestrial.




episode 2: Here Come The Men In Black.... MIB Roundtable w/Real Politik

Lee an Dan crossover with John and Paul from Real Politik and talk Men in Black. What government agency might be behind these shadowy figures? Are the MIB still out there? Can Lee do all the dance moves from Will Smith's original Men in Black music video? We cover all that and more on this special Beyond Politik roundtable.

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episode 1: Can I Get a Cape, a Tic-Tac and a Ric Flair? WOOOO!

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? Shady UFO Secrets.


 2020-09-15  1h4m

episode 28: Summertime,, And the Living Ain't Easy

July Mid-break Special


 2020-07-28  1h6m

episode 27: Listener Appreciation: Season 2 Finale

Lee and Dan are heading on vacation and Lee is celebrating early with a couple of drinks! Join the boys as they slur through a recap of this season and offer up a sneak peek at the next! Keep up with us while we are on break by checking out the BT...


 2020-06-30  39m

episode 26: Beyond State of Fear: A Podcast Invasion

Chris and James from State of Fear hop on the show and share strange tales from around the USA. We take a deep dive on their Idaho tale and tease some upcoming events. You’ll be in a wild state after this crossover event! ...


 2020-06-23  1h8m

episode 25: Gold, Ghosts, Grizzly! Campfire Tales with Khaliela Wright

Summer Camp Ghost Stories: Camp Grizzly, Idaho


 2020-06-16  1h0m