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Reading Between the Lines Are you a book lover always looking for that next great storyteller who can transport you into a reality unlike your own? Or maybe a creative writer looking for the perfect muse to inspire you to create a world of pure imagination? Well than, Beyond the Pen is the perfect podcast for you. Hosted by Maccabee and Marccella, two book-loving voice actors who act more like siblings than co-hosts. Each week, they interview unknown and newly published authors about themselves, their books, and, most importantly, the story behind the story.Inspiring and Educating That's not all. At the end of every month, Maccabee and Marccella interview the creative experts within the publishing world, giving you a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to publish your favorite books. For More InformationTo learn more about the show, our guests, and where you can get your copy of their books, visit our website at BeyondthePenPodcast.Com. In addition, transcripts are available for purchase at Buy Me a Coffee with a donation of $5 or more. Make sure to leave your email address and what episode transcription you'd like...

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episode 10: Enter the Writing Academy with Writing Coach LaNette Kincaide

In this Episode...

Let's hit the books at the Writing Academy to learn what to look for in a writing coach with our literary professor, LaNette Kincaide. She gives us a very transparent look into the publishing world before your book is on the digital and physical shelves of your favorite book store. Discover some tips and tricks to help you in finding a coach that will inspire, mentor, and flourish your imagination...



episode 9: A New Life for Cesar

When Cesar, a young man from the streets, volunteers for the Navy during the Vietnam War to escape Mr. Mike, a gangster working for the Cartel, only to find out that he's fighting a battle on two fronts. Both will either make him stronger, or kill him before he reaches his 20th birthday. Learn about what inspired author Andre Lewis Carter to write his latest novel, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea...



episode 8: Escape to Warminster


Enter Warminster with author J.V. Hilliard in his book, The Last Keeper, as he leads us through the kingdoms of Ravenwood, Thronehelm, and the Queen's Chapel. Take a look behind the vale as we discover the dark path of a nightmarish blindman, and what started him on his path of tyranny...



episode 7: Origins of the Fae


We take a trip through the Feywild with author Danielle Orsino and discover the origins of your favorite fey characters in book one of the Birth of the Fae series, Locked Out of Heaven. In this epic fantasy, we learn about two factions of powerful angels that remained on earth after being abandoned by their creator during the Great War with Lucifer...



episode 6: Audiobook 101

Are you an author thinking about creating an audiobook but don't know anything about it? Maybe you're new to voice acting and are interested in narrating audiobooks but don't know how to start? Well, in this episode our guest, Ashley Durham of Malibash Media, LLC., Marccella, and I are going to give you a crash course into everything that has to do with audiobooks...



episode 5: Show Update #2

After taking some time off during the summer, we decided to let everyone know what we were up to and a few things we have in store for our wonderful community of supportive listeners...


 2022-08-23  34m

episode 4: Back to the 90s

What if Bill And Ted went to the 1990s —the age of Nirvana, grunge, punk, Lollapalooza—and stopped off in Portlandia along the way? Join us as we ride with Darby on her trip back to mid-1990s Chicago with author, Andy Frye, as the conductor. You'll enjoy the good times with Darby as she relives her carefree twenties, soaking up all the pop culture and nostalgia you could ever imagine in Ninety Days in the 90s...


 2022-08-16  46m

episode 3: Egging the Next Generation

The term "Good Egg" has been around for a very long time (1915-1920 to be exact), but our next guest takes it to a whole new level and beyond. In this episode, we'll be sitting down with author Sandy Ciaramitaro and her SEL book series, you guest it, The Good Eggs. We'll be discussing topics like:

  • What the term SEL mean?
  • Virtuous Calendar Layout
  • Egg-centric Mannerisms
  • The Good Eggs Foundation
  • and more.....


 2022-08-09  43m

episode 2: Reprogramming Your Gifts

How much has life changed your thinking since you were a child? Have you had to change your goals and life long dreams because of other peoples opinions of them? Maybe you need to reboot your supercomputer to the factory settings. That's where author Carrie Schmidt comes in with her new book Behind the Screen - Uncover the Truth: Connect to your Power, Passion, Purpose...


 2022-08-02  47m

episode 1: The Ferryman's Tale

We take a trip through Heaven, Hell and Limbo with Death as our guide as he hunts down a psychotically demonic killer named Radix. During our trip down the River Styx, we talk with the ferryman himself, author Chris LaParco, about his book A Story Told. We'll discuss everything from criticism from mainstream publishers and tv directors, the reality of conflicts (real and fictious), and so much for...


 2022-07-26  41m