BGM: Bad Gay Movies = Bitchy Gay Men

This podcast features co-hosts Bil Antoniou, Daniel Krolik and Michael Soulard as they explore the best of the worst in LGBT cinema! Join us each month as we pick a film that we feel could have used some of our expert feedback, and hopefully leave it with some dignity. We'll post the film we are going to watch ahead of the show so you can follow along. Visit our site at and please send us feedback at!

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Episode 90: Vibes

It’s our 5th anniversary and we just wanna have fun!!!  Bil, David and Mike are back together again, they’re on their 90th episode and they’ve got the cake.  The only thing that could make it more fun is if Cyndi Lauper is here to share


 2018-06-30  1h13m

Episode 89: You Should Meet My Son

What do you get when you combine Auntie Mame with Mama’s Family, use only two settings and a whole dollop of southern-shaming!?! Andrew Lamb and Robert Watson are here to help me figure it out! Returning to the show for the third time, the creator a


 2018-06-09  1h7m

Episode 88: Elijah’s Ashes

It’s our annual flipflop!  The boys of Raktajino and Root Beer, that delightful Deep Space Nine podcast, have joined Bil to talk about another gay movie, and you can catch Bil on their show coming up this week.  Matthew and Michael of RARB were also


 2018-05-22  48m

Episode 87: Nasty Baby

Daniel is back!!   And Mikey is gone.  Feud Season 2 will be about them but until I can manage to get their schedules back on track, listen to our episode as we head to the wilds of Brooklyn to find Kristen Wiig trying to get pregnant by her gay best frie


 2018-04-28  53m

Episode 86: The Christine Jorgensen Story

Daniel is still wandering the earth in search of fame, so while we wait for him to come back we dive deep into the old-timey archives for a seventies rarity, a film that covers the most famous “sex-change operation” of the twentieth century. 


 2018-04-14  1h2m

Episode 85: Is It Just Me

It’s Cyrano De Bergerac meets Ingmar Bergman when the saddest man in the world tries to get a boyfriend but has to ask his go-go dancer boyfriend to pretend to be him…and it’s our next foray into the world of J.C. Calciano!  Dan is away


 2018-03-18  1h5m

Episode 84: 2nd Annual Oscar Special with Special Guest Glenn Sumi!

We had such a great time doing our Oscar episode last year that Dan and I invited our still very esteemed guest, NOW magazine columnist Glenn Sumi, for a discussion on the Oscars, Frances McDormand’s jean jacket, and that wonderful biopic about Penn


 2018-02-24  1h48m

Episode 83: First Period

High School is such a Drag, but so are satires of High School movies from the Eighties.  Bil didn’t need another one, and apparently Dan did…cause we don’t agree this week!  It ain’t Carrie and Samantha, but it’s a fight over


 2018-02-18  49m

Episode 82: The Ritz

Everyone knows that a bathhouse is a natural comedy setting!  Plus when you get to enjoy the treat of Treat Williams in a bathtowel, who cares if the movie sucks.  But as it is, Dan, Bil and Mike had a great time talking about The Ritz by Richard Lester L


 2018-01-27  57m

Episode 81: Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party

New Year New Us!  (Not really, we’re still terrible).  One of our listeners made a request, and we love to oblige, so join us as we talk about Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party by Stephen Cone Listen to it here (language warning):   This Week̵


 2018-01-14  56m