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episode 267: Student Loans Update: Repayment, Refinancing, and Potential Forgiveness w/Robert Farrington

Student loan forgiveness was a hot topic during the 2020 election cycle. With so many outstanding student loan payments, will the government step in to wipe out the debt? While many theorize about this, Robert Farrington takes the opposite angle, urging those who have student loans to prepare for repayment, rather than cancellation. This way, even if your student loans get forgiven, you’re put in a financially advantageous spot...



episode 266: Finance Friday: How to Pay Off Bad Debt + When Is Life Insurance Worth It?

Bad debt is more common than it seems. Many people you know have a car loan, personal loan, credit card loan, or some other form of high(er) interest debt. If you find yourself with bad debt, the first thing to do is formulate a plan to get rid of it, unless you want your savings and potential investments to suffer the consequences. Today’s guest, Stephanie is in a financially solid position, but she has some bad debt to take care of...



Protecting Your Home (and Wealth!) When a Natural Disaster Strikes w/ Steve Longenecker (Bonus Episode)

Home insurance isn’t the sexiest topic, but in the world of financial independence, predictability is quite an attractive trait to have. That’s why money nerds across the world value insurance as a natural hedge against catastrophic wealth-ending disasters. Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, or a landlord, home insurance could help you rebuild quicker after the unexpected happens...



episode 265: Death and Finances: What to Do (Before and) After A Loved One Passes w/ Allison Nichol Longtin

Death and finances can arguably be called the two things that people hate talking about most. Unfortunately, these are two topics that cannot be kept in the dark, as we all must deal with loss, both emotionally and financially over our lifetime. What can the average person do when they’ve just received the heartbreaking news that a loved one has died...



episode 264: Finance Friday: Passive Income, Syndications, Real Estate, and Retirement

“Can I retire yet?” If you’re today’s guest Jenn, then the short answer is a resounding “yes”. And if you aren’t Jenn, you’ll probably want to be in her position upon retirement. Jenn has a lot of income options: a military pension from her spouse, a great full-time income, real estate syndication cash flow, and a LOT of assets. Jenn’s net worth has reached the height of around $4 million, with more than a million alone in retirement accounts...



episode 263: Becoming Debt-Free and Generating $320,000/Year from Simple Side Hustles w/Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Most people assume wealth is built from a singular source, but the most successful people have multiple streams of income. 2020 was the year of the side hustle. People started to find ways to monetize their hobbies, create services, and capitalize on their talents. While some people are just now catching on, today’s guest, Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, was ahead of the curve...



episode 262: Prenups, Projects, Prolific Spending, and Planning for 2022 w/ Carl & Mindy Jensen

Mindy may seem like a financial superhero to most listeners of the Money Podcast, but she’s nothing without her financial education inspiring partner, Carl Jensen. Carl is known quite well around the personal finance community as co-host of the Mile High FI podcast and writer over at



episode 261: Stop Taking Money So Seriously w/ Joe Saul-Sehy & Emily Guy Birken

Building wealth takes decades with some serious hard work and many, many mistakes along the way. The problem? Most financial independence chasers see themselves as having to be perfectionists. Every investment must be perfect, every dollar spent housed within a budget, and at no time can money become something fun or playful. Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken rightfully see this type of “serious money attitude” as a mistake that should be avoided at all costs...



episode 260: Finance Friday: How to Hit $10M Net Worth in 10 Years (Or Less)

Stocks vs. real estate is a regular feud among many financially savvy forums on the internet. While some investors love the passive aspect of stocks, other investors love the tax savings and flexibility of real estate. Regardless of your preferred asset, it’s better to stick your hard-earned money in something that makes money for you, instead of spending it or letting it sit. Our guest today, Madison, is having trouble deciding which asset class she and her husband are best suited for...



episode 259: Pensions 101: Are Pensions Worth It? w/ Grumpus Maximus

If you need pension funds explained, there’s no better person to talk to than the internet’s leading voice on all things pensions and retirement, Grumpus Maximus. After spending twenty or so years in the military, Grumpus began to put his health, happiness, and passions first...


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