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episode 382: HGTV Dream Home or Financial Headache? The Truth About Winning

What if you won the HGTV Dream Home? If you’ve heard of the sweepstakes before, you know what it feels like to watch the walkthroughs, read about the top-tier renovations, and imagine yourself soaking in the bliss of winning a mansion, tucked away in some of America’s most serene areas. But this dream may never come to fruition because the reality of winning the HGTV Dream Home is much different than most people think. To explain, we brought on CPA and tax expert Amanda Han...



episode 381: Is Financial Fear Stopping You from Living the Life You Dream Of?

Knowing how to build wealth may come as a given for most investors. Buy assets, hold on to them, profit, and repeat. While this formula may seem simplistic at first glance, the emotional side behind investing is something rarely ever talked about. For those just starting to build wealth, wanting to become financially free, it can be anxiety-provoking tosacrifice most of your money for a single investment that could profit or end up failing...



episode 380: The 2023 Tech Layoffs: What HR Won’t Tell You

The 2023 tech layoffs have already begun to make the 2022 tech layoffs look like small-scale firings. What started as a few large companies firing unneeded hires quickly ramped up to an industry-wide cost-cutting exercise as hundreds of thousands of employees were forced to walk away from their stable salaries, free lunches, and healthcare. With tech companies being some of the most generous in terms of compensation, it makes sense that these would be the first businesses to force mass layoffs...



episode 379: Finance Friday: Stock-Based Compensation Explained and Tax Traps to Avoid

For the entry-level worker, employee stock options may seem completely foreign. But for most tech workers, this is commonplace and can be highly lucrative if understood correctly. In short, employee stock options, employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), and restricted stock units (RSUs) all give an employee far more upside (and downside) than a traditional salary...



episode 378: Billion-Dollar Jackpots and the Bright Side of Buying a Lottery Ticket

“What to do if you win the lottery." This question is getting more online searches than ever before. But what would you do? The wheels start turning as soon as those lucky numbers get picked. You stare down at your ticket in disbelief. Then, you make sure to match the ticket in your hand to the numbers on the screen. You could be staring at a million or billion-dollar prize, and for a second, most of your financial worries start to slip away, soon to be replaced by a new set of challenges...



episode 377: Mr. Money Mustache on Life After FI: The Truth About Retiring Early in Your 30s

Mr. Money Mustache is the internet’s poster child for early retirement. At age thirty, Pete Adeney was able to leave a lucrative job as a software engineer to focus on building a financially free life. He brought the FIRE movement to the mainstream by teaching others online how simple spending skills could allow them to quit their corporate jobs, keep more money while working less, and live a life centered around passion, not a paycheck...



episode 376: Margin Loans: Low-Interest Lending or Risky Rates?

Margin loans could be the sneakiest way to snag a low-interest rate loan in today’s Fed-influenced environment. What most investors don’t know is that you can use your stock portfolio as collateral to get massively discounted lending, but it comes with considerable risk. Carl and Mindy Jensen used this type of lending to buy their most recent real estate purchase, a medium-term rental renovation project in the same neighborhood as their primary residence...



episode 375: FTX, Fraud, and the Case for Cryptocurrency in 2023

Cryptocurrency is dead in the mind of most investors. What started as an awe-inspiring investment reaching massive multiples in just months, quickly became a subject of contention within the investing community. Some moretraditional investors called cryptocurrency an outright fraud, while others claimed it was the final puzzle piece in the battle for a stable fiat currency...



episode 374: Private Equity: Passive, Profitable Investments You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Private equity is a term often left undefined. Ask most people if they’ve heard of private equity, and they’ll say yes. But ask them to explain what it is or how it works, and most Americans will struggle to come up with even a sentence. The industry of private equity investing is shrouded in mystery, but it probably shouldn’t be...



episode 373: The Money Show’s Guide to Personal Finance for Beginners

Mastering personal finance is one of the most important things anyone can do. If you know where your money is coming from, where it’s going, and how to make more of it, you can retire comfortably, retire early, or have less financial anxiety at the end of the day. But, the world of personal finance can be complicated for beginners...