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episode 259: Pensions 101: Are Pensions Worth It? w/ Grumpus Maximus

If you need pension funds explained, there’s no better person to talk to than the internet’s leading voice on all things pensions and retirement, Grumpus Maximus. After spending twenty or so years in the military, Grumpus began to put his health, happiness, and passions first...


 2021-12-20  1h12m

episode 258: Finance Friday: Are “High Cash Flow” Rentals Still Realistic in 2022?

A common debate in real estate is cash flow vs. appreciation. While some investors rely on their rental property income to reach FI, others argue that appreciation will provide them the equity gain to truly build wealth. You’ll hear this discussion in-depth on today’s episode as guest Jackeline walks Mindy and Scott through her $20,000 rental property in Northern Illinois.  Jackeline is already doing well in other aspects of her life...


 2021-12-17  1h8m

episode 257: 20 Year-Old Minimum Wage Marine with $850k in Real Estate

We have a lot of impressive guests on the show, and they just seem to get younger with every new episode. You’ve heard the stories of people in their twenties buying rentals, people in their thirties hitting coast FI, and people in their forties and beyond making many, many millions. But, what about a marine recruit, making a low salary, buying more than $800k in real estate within his second decade on earth? Now that sounds like an interesting story...


 2021-12-13  1h26m

episode 256: Finance Friday: Financial Independence in 5 Years w/ Short-Term Rentals

There are many ways to fund your nest egg. You could outright save, or you could invest in index funds, rental properties, or short-term rentals like today’s guest, Charlotte from Charlotte. Working as a teacher in one of the lowest-paid states in the US, Charlotte was able to fully replace her teacher’s salary by operating a single short-term rental cabin in Western North Carolina...


 2021-12-10  1h4m

episode 255: Escaping The Rat Race Before Your First Job w/ Dan Sheeks

If you’ve been in the FI community for years, you know the ins and outs of retirement planning, index fund investing, house hacking, and every other money-making opportunity around. But, it’s safe to say that this took you years to figure out, sometimes well into adulthood. What if you were given the same knowledge you have now, but when you were a teenager? Dan Sheeks is trying to do this exactly, by teaching his students about personal finance, saving, investing, and how they can plan for FI...


 2021-12-06  1h6m

episode 254: Finance Follow-Ups: When to Scale Up (or Down) Your Real Estate Portfolio

We’re back with another Finance Friday Follow-Up! This week, we talk to two past guests and review three life updates. Fabio from episode 174, Clayton from episode 168, and Rachael from episode 190 all have life updates for the audience! When we last talked to Fabio, he was starting to expand his real estate empire. Since the market has been so hot, he has had to pivot his strategy towards what works best for him in the long term...


 2021-12-03  47m

episode 253: 7-Figure Net Worth on a Middle-Class Salary w/ Adam Zaleski

On the last day of a semester in college, Adam Zaleski’s geology professor dropped a bomb on his class: the professor was worth a staggering $10,000,000! The reason for telling the students about his net worth wasn’t to impress but to make the case that exponential growth is more likely than most people think. This taught Adam that he needed to choose a profession he enjoyed so he could continue to work, invest, and grow his wealth exponentially, just like his professor...


 2021-11-29  1h23m

episode 252: Finance Friday: Self-Employed Revenue, Health Insurance, and Hiring

It takes a leap of faith to leave a W2 job and wander through the hills and valleys of self-employment. With the right skill set, time management, and perseverance, you can come out more profitable (and happier) than you were originally at your old job. But, once you succeed, it may be hard to slow down the self-employment train, and your side-gig could become a full-on business, with the need for employees. TJ has put herself in a phenomenal position, both financially and income-wise...


 2021-11-26  52m

episode 251: Is College Worth the Cost? This 30,000 Variable Study Says "Sometimes..."

Is college worth it? For the first time in history, we may have a definitive answer to whether or not your specific degree and school choice provides a positive ROI. We know that ROI isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing a degree, but when looking at higher education through a financial independence lens, it’s definitely the highest value. Looking through census, employment, and Department of Education data is number crunching crusader, Preston Cooper...


 2021-11-22  1h18m

episode 250: Finance Friday: Laying a Strong Financial Foundation in Only a Few Years

Everyone knows that tech salaries tend to be on the higher end. In tech, you could be working as an engineer, programmer, or statistician, like today’s guest Matthew. But, Matthew never planned to go to school for this type of work. Half a decade ago, Matthew was wearing a chef’s apron, working forty to sixty-hour weeks, making slightly above minimum wage. He loved the work (and the food) but realized he couldn’t keep living with the long hours, low wages, and high stress...


 2021-11-19  1h6m