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The #1 Flute Podcast Channel ‘Talking Flutes‘ where the recipe and ingredients are very simple. Take a leading flute player, author, golfer and Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London (Clare Southworth) and mix with flute player, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker and Managing Director of the world famous TJ flute brand (Jean-Paul Wright). Then speak with some of the world‘s leading flute players including Sir James Galway, Jasmine Choi, Denis Bouriakov, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Davies (too many more beautiful flute playing guests to mention in a single paragraph), and gently mix these together with some Grammy and Emmy winning musicians. Top with mental health awareness advice from Dr Joe Stammeijer and finish with some stunning music, laughs and plenty of fun.

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episode 240: 185. Food blogging, Pilates and Flute playing - Katharine Carter

When you eat well and exercise, your flute playing comes alive! In 'Talking Flutes Extra' this week, Jean-Paul speaks with flute player and food blogger Katharine Carter about how a well balanced and structured diet makes for a happy individual!  Kathari...



episode 243: 184. You don‘t just open you mouth and breathe! - Jean-Paul Wright & Clare Southworth

Why are old French flutes so expensive? Inbreath and outbreath should be a seamless action for flute players. In 'Talking Flutes' this week, Jean-Paul is once again back down at Clare's home in Hove to answer more of the many questions which have been se...



episode 238: 183. "Try to play your flute in the warrior pose!" - Niall O'Riordan

"We need to develop awareness of how we physically play our instrument otherwise we'll not reach our potential" In 'Talking Flutes Extra' this week, Jean-Paul speaks with flute player and teacher Niall O'Riordan about his passionate methodology for getti...



episode 242: 182 - Motivating yourself when you feel others are better! - Clare Southworth & Jean-Paul Wright

'Balance - Rhythm - Timing' - the correlation with playing the flute and playing golf! It's important to keep those imaginary blinkers on to focus on ourselves rather than on others! In 'Talking Flutes' this week, Clare and Jean-Paul answer more listener...



episode 245: 181. Nature is constantly talking to us and our music can interpret this! - Dr Domenico Vicinanza

Do scientists at CERN get drunk and let their hair down? This week on 'Talking Flutes Extra' Jean-Paul is speaking to Scientist, physicist, composer, flute player and Cambridge based lecturer Dr Domenico Vicinanza. In a data driven world, Dr Vincinanza u...


 2021-09-20  1h1m

episode 241: 180. ”I was so scared I had a little wee!” - Your questions answered Part 1

"You were the 'Spice Girls' of the flute world back then!" In Episode 180, Clare and Jean-Paul answer some of the many questions that you've been sending in over the summer.  Such as "What is the best venue you've played in and why?" and tips on how to c...


 2021-09-13  28m

episode 239: 179. How feeling a connection with a composer can open up your interpretation - Clare Southworth

Beautiful flute recordings of 'In Ireland' by Hamilton Harty, Donizetti Sonata in C and Daniel Wood's Valse Caprice. This week, Clare looks at three of her own wonderful recordings which she feels a real connection to.  'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flut...


 2021-09-06  45m

178. "Metronomes and tuning forks should be banished to outer space!" and much much more!

"We need to reframe what a mistake actually is!" In this 4th week of 5 where we are looking back through our podcast archive, three pods were very popular with download stats.  We start with the Paul Edmund Davies a very special musician, soloist, author...


 2021-08-30  46m

177 - It's the exploration which makes playing music so powerful!! - Clare Southworth

Understand the composers narrative and your performance will come alive! In this 'look-back' podcast, Clare takes a look at the beautiful 'Sonate en Concert' by the prolific composer Jean-Michel Damase and two movements, the 'Rondeau' and the 'Aria' from...


 2021-08-23  26m

176. Every performance is like building a sandcastle - Melissa Keeling

When you break open your old mindset, you'll find anything is possible. Part 2 of the 5 week 'Summer' looking back though our podcast archives.  This week we are back to a podcast #106 recorded in March 2020 where Jean-Paul talks to NY based electric flu...


 2021-08-16  54m